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Jun 17, 2008
  1. I currently use Mcafee security center that i got with my dell pc and i have also purchased Pc tools Antispyware and reg Mechanic. Recently i got an infection of Anti spyware/malware and proceded to return my Pc to factory setup for safty reasons...

    1, Should this be enough as i am concerned there may be more lurking in the system? Pc tools found a medium level Trojan and cleaned it but it there again! 2 Scans by mcafee found nothing although it did say it blocked a trojan (live)

    2, should i be using a better software suite?

    Any help/advice would be appreciated

    I use pc for Internet banking etc as well as everything alse
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  3. conway_da

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    Thank You for that.

    I had read thru those but i have one question and forgive my igonrance on this...Is it likely that an unmounted partition on my pc would have/ could have been infected as well as the main c\ drive (250gig and not otherwise partitioned) ie, would reinstalling my pc from this unmounted partition likely transport some/all of the infection to the new setup
  4. kimsland

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    Good question

    Yes I believe it can happen, but is unlikely.
    This partition is usually hidden
  5. conway_da

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    Thank you Kimsland,

    I think the infection may have come from my backed updata that i transported accross to the newsetup elthough i scanned b4 compressing and writing to dvd using Nero 8.

    Although have used Mcafee and pctools for a while without anyhassle, this infection has spooked me a bit and show'd that those products are not as efficient as i may have thought, apart from the steps in the threads on removal etc, is there something else i should be using ( i know there are tonnes of Security software out there, some better than others...minefield) other than/inplace of/inconjunction with Mcafee Security center and Pc tools Antispyware and registry cleaner?
  6. kimsland

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    I understand your question

    But as you can see from the spyware removal thread, many programs are used to check for these issues.

    Therefore there is no one ideal Antivirus or Spyware program that will keep you safe forever ( :( )

    I find Mcafee can slow computers down, but is very good. Just surf safe
  7. conway_da

    conway_da TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Many thanx for your help :grinthumb
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