Vista 32 nvidia driver blank screen resolution

By Wetpixels
Mar 28, 2008
  1. The issue is installing vista and then trying to update the Nvidia drivers for the 7800 GTX 512 only to restart and have a blank screen. You hear the startup sound, but nothing.

    Basically I racked my brains trying to find a solution online for this problem, installing the drivers, restarting a million times, safe mode,etc. Now that I found the resolution, just thought I'd share so it may help somebody else who is on the verge of going crazy.

    All you have to do is do another upgrade install of Vista and all is well. Updating the drivers after that is not recommended until Nvidia decides to get off their asses and make a compatible driver.

    Seems like a logical resolution, but you'd be surprised how well it eluded me.
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