Vista problems maybe

By Nuttythaniel
Jan 22, 2009
  1. Hi I recently bought a new 15.4 LCD for my Inspiron 1501 and I installed it and everything is foggy. And my reformat disc doesnt seem to be working its not damaged just when I go to boot from CDrom nothing happens.. I thought maybe since I used a reg desktop monitor for 2-3months it might of messed up the settings and now it wont let me reformat back to normal.. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated thanks! ~Than
  2. jq1801

    jq1801 TS Rookie

    if you want to reformat and your disc is messed up you can try to boot to the recovery partition on your computer provided you still have it. when you are booting your computer hit F8 like you were to go to safe mode and on the Dells there is an option to repair you computer. here is where you can set it back to factory OS.
  3. Jeremy8778

    Jeremy8778 TS Rookie

    When you turn the computer on tap the F8 button until you see the boot options menu. Select Safe Mode and when windows boots click "Yes" on the Safe Mode message. Now change your display settings to something basic like 800x600 with the refresh rate of 60hrz. When you reboot your computer back into regular mode you will be able to set the resolution to anything you like.
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