Vista random restarts no BSOD

By fujikazu
May 21, 2008
  1. Problem:
    At seemingly random moments meaning, it doesn't matter what app I'm using, my comp restarts itself no BSOD and one time got stuck in restart loop before it hung and I powered off which it started normal so I used last know good config. That didn't help because yesterday alone I had 7 restarts.

    It has just started in the last week. This is a new build I've had for 6 months with no other problems besides bad ASUS video drivers. Only 2 things I've done just before the problem started was downloaded MS newest Malicious File Remover or w/e its called and used StarForce's Removal Tool for their drivers.
    I had X3: Reunion on here but uninstalled and for some reason Starforce stayed on and started giving me driver incompatibility errors when I logged in so I got rid of it as above.

    I don't ever get minidumps or stop errors. Just errors in event viewer.
    In the last 24 hrs I've had these errors. 6008 is the one that matches the times of my restarts but only info I find on it is for Win2000 and 2003 regarding the screensavers and passwords. Mine happens while I'm using it.

    Event ID: 10 VDS Dynamic Provider

    Event ID: 4609 EventSystem

    Event ID: 6008 EventLog 7 times

    Event ID: 10005 DistributedCOM 5 times

    Event ID: 15016 HttpEvent 10 times

    If you need anything else let me know and I'll post it when I can.

    !@# Specs in profile #@!

    I might add I tried updating video drivers and un/reinstalling sound & video drivers...didn't help. If all else fails I can try sys restore and since I have OS on smaller partition doing a clean install of Vista won't delete anything important.
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