Vista Ultimate Activation

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Apr 20, 2007
  1. Hope someone can help me. Bought Vista Ultimate upgrade a few weeks back and installed it on computer and everything was working fine. My husband then decided to upgrade motherboard, graphics card etc now when I power up computer there is a message in the corner of screen saying this software is not genuine and when I try to activate Vista it says that product key is already in use. I am guessing that this is because the upgrade was installed on the previous motherboard. Is there any way around this other than having to buy an additional licence, I am waiting on microsoft getting back to me but think it will be a long wait. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

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    You will have to talk to the Microsoft site by telephone, but it is fixable. You will need the details of your old board, and the new one. You should not experience a long delay... no more than a few minutes... unless you have been performing other such changes they can detect. If given a choice, talk to the Canadian support office, as they are more efficient and more pleasant in my experience.
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    Vista Activation

    Thanks RayBay didn't expect such a quick reply. Will get details of boards from my husband when he comes home as I don't really understand the technical stuff. Think I'll phone the UK helpline as I'm in Northern Ireland and and a call to Canada would probably cost as much as a new licence!!!

    Thanks for your help.
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    There is an 800 number. I will try to find it and get back to you, but you can also find it on the microsoft site for product id... you sometimes have to start this in the automated process then switch to a live person when given the opportunity.
  5. brown squeak

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    Just found the number on their site will phone them asap and hopefully get sorted.

  6. zipperman

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    Use limits

    I have the complete XP version and explanations.
    It's only useable on 1 computer.You have a different one now.
    The numbers are,
    US (425)635-7222
    Canada 905-568-4494
    No toll free i could find.
    Or US http//
    Canada : http//
    on another computer.
    But there was an option to save your installation if you planned to do this.
    You seemed to have missed it in System Tools.
    If you have registered it before doing this,you should get help to fix this.
    Have you Product # handy.You will need that.
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