Vista won't sleep

By Carlito
Sep 4, 2009
  1. I'm not sure if this is posted in the right category, but here goes.

    I'm running Vista Ultimate 32 bit with a Core 2 Duo e4600 and 4gb ram in an ECS P4m900-T mobo.

    Firstly, my pc doesn't seem to want to sleep. When I click on the sleep button it attempts to power down, but then comes back on immediately after. It also doesn't sleep automatically even though I have set it to sleep after 2 hours. I've tried setting it to sleep quick so I can see what happens in this case, but it does the same thing. Power down then power up. The screensaver comes on, but afterwards the screen only goes into standby mode and no sleep. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    Then secondly, when I turn my pc on, the resolution has changed. This happens randomly, but often. My default res is 1680x1050, but it changes by itself to a lower value. I have the latest drivers for my card(8600gt 512) and display installed. These problems only started manifesting about a month ago. It hasn't happened before and now it's starting to irritate me.

    Any help is great. Thanks
  2. Bobbye

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    Please describe what you mean by "sleep" as opposed to "Standby". Both are reduced power settings.

    Do you have a laptop or a desktop computer?

    Do you have Hibernate enabled in the Power Options?
  3. gbhall

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    Inabilty to behave properly in hibernate/sleep/standbye/power-save usually come back to power settings - especially the 'wake-on-' settings. Check what wakes your PC (often settings in the bios). Wake-on-lan is a good candidate, because a standard PC with a broadband connection is always receiving signals from the internet.
  4. Carlito

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    To me sleep and standby are the same, but I use the term standby as the mode into which the display goes. I probably should rephrase that. The display goes into standby afer it's been idle for a while, but the pc doesn't go into sleep mode afterwards. The general order, after idle, should be screen saver, then display standby, then pc sleep. What is currently happening is that the sleep part is not "kicking in" I have a desktop computer and it has been set to "never" hibernate, although I've tried hibernate and this seems to work fine. So hibernate works but sleep doesn't.
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