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Visual styles started working strange,problem is NOT user related

By aranoth
Jun 19, 2006
  1. I recently re-installed my windows installation because some data lost that has occured to my partition. i managed to save the SOFTWARE file from system32\config, and my user from documents and settings.

    everything works pretty fine, however visaul styles are kinda strange:

    I tried creating a new user to see if it's related to the old user,but it still happened.
    I scanned for viruses \ spyware \ registry errors , nothing helped.
    I tried disabling the themes service, to see if it happens with the classic style - and it still does.

    *I dont have any style editing software like styleXP

    I'm sorta out of ideas around here, any help would be appreciated :)

    * sorry for any grammer mistakes,english is not my native language

    EDIT - I did a repair installation, and it fixed it
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