VoIP stopped working

By rduff
Apr 15, 2009
  1. Hopefully someone can resolve this problem which is driving me crazy. Not sure where to begin (or even if I've posted in the correct forum!).

    For over two years I've used Skype to call external landlines without a problem but now it's suddenly stopped working. It dials the number and you can hear the first ring tone, then the sound becomes completely garbled like a steam train in a tunnel. So far I've discovered the problem is not just related to Skype as the same thing happens with other Voip providers and it isn't anything to do with my PC as have restored it to the factory defaults but it still doesn't work. That only leaves the modem router or my ISP. The firmware in the router was recently updated but resetting it does not restore the original version so am unable to check if this might be a factor. Has anyone ever heard of this situation before and/or have any ideas I could try?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Skype v
    Vista 32 bit SP1
    Netgear DG834G Firmware v 5.01.14
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