Volvo is ditching leather in all of its EVs to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions


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I really hate to burst your bubble here, (Who am I kidding, I enjoy the heck out of it), BUT, this whole "Volvo is doing away with leather", proclamation, is, to a certain degree, tokenism. It's also (again to a certain extent), a publicity stunt..

There are chemicals in more widespread use, as toxic as, or more toxic than, those used in tanning leathers.

Meet "methyl isocyanate"

"The risks of isocyanates was brought to the world's attention with the Bhopal disaster, which caused the death of nearly 4000 people. The release of methyl isocyanate (MIC) was the cause of this disaster". (Wiki)

"Polyisocyanate" is used heavily as a hardening agent in modern automotive finishes, whose MSDS incidentally contain the "who's who", of dangerous chemicals. I nicknamed ir, "Bhopal punch", but was assured that it wasn't as dangerous as MIC. So why then, are paint manufacturers insisting on supplied air respirators when spraying materials containing it?

Meet "Aqua regia"
Meet, "Hydrazine",

Tn fairness, I haven't been involved with automotive refinishing in 40 years. Perhaps there have been some, or many, improvements since then. Back then our, famous, "everything causes cancer" state, California, was insisting on "water based lacquers". Which is an oxymoron, since the characteristic of a true lacquer, is the fact that true lacquers, can always be thinned or removed, by their original solvent, whereas "paints" can't..

(Think "shellac", and what its original solvent," alcohol" will do to it).

Again in fairness, modern automotive finishing uses both electrostatic application and polyester, (which is cured with UV light) materials and techniques.

Another fun fact, is that MIC is used in the manufacture of expanded polyurethane foam, which at the present time can't be recycled.
Yes, I am sure they are appealing to PETA. If they are removing anything, its a start. Maybe then they can get to your toxic ten list, or, as you choose to call it, Bhopal Punch.