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May 19, 2002
  1. Hi to all - with Voodoo 2 ? - No!!!

    I need help!!! I can't play Half-Life Blue Shift & Jedi Outcast because of my OpenGL driver. I don't no where to go get my drivers! I went to www.voodoofiles.com but it doesn't work that driver! :( Man until I'll make an upgrade to a GeForce can somebody help me?:confused:

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  2. MrGaribaldi

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    Take a look over here...
    There you can download WickedGL (demo version) which should fix any gl problems you've got...

    It searches out the games you've got installed, and installs it's own GL driver...

    NOTE: For JK2, rename jk2sp.exe to quake.exe, run wicked again and it should install for single player... rename quake.exe back to jk2sp.exe...
    Do the same with jk2mp.exe...


    Copy all .dll's (the ones with ogl in their name) from wicked's directory to "gamedata" under the jk2 install directory...

    That should fix the problems :)
  3. uncleel

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