Vuzix unveils Smart Glasses M100 to compete with Google Glass

Shawn Knight

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Move over Google, there's another contender in the interactive eyewear market stepping on to the playing field. Vuzix has unveiled a new product called Smart Glasses M100 intended to give the search giant a run for their money come next...

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Apple hate is old... everyone sues, you only read about it more from apple because people like to hear about it coming from them. Kinda like the Foxconn, they build things for everyone but you only hear about apple stuff, same concept. Let it go.

About the glasses, rest assured, they are working on it.


I like the idea of the monacle better. bring back some victorian faction.

but another reason is, that way if one of these eye mounted devices happens to somehow the destroy your eye. you have 1 good eye left as back up!