Walmart to acquire video streaming service Vudu

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Walmart today announced that would acquire Vudu, a digital entertainment provider. The deal is expected to close in the next few weeks, and although official financial details haven't been disclosed, rumors indicate the retail behemoth will dole out over $100 million -- quite a bit more than some folks previously speculated. According to AllThingsD, Vudu's compression technology attracted multiple bidders, one of them possibly being Cisco.

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I just checked this site out. I think this is a good move on Walmarts part. I like that you can rent HD movies and watch on demand the day they come out. I think if Walmarts goes full bore into this service they could come out as a top player. I think they need to support more devices like PS3 and Xbox and they will have a most excellent service on there hands.


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I do think this is a good move. As for PS3 and the 360 aswell as Nintendo's Wii all will be using Netfilx. That being said the 360 already has Netflix support, the PS3 will too aswell as the Wii. But there are a lot of devices like this Boxxe for example an a lot more that was shown off @ CES but its Walmart so... something good will happen.
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