Want surround sound? Razer launches free software to mimic the experience

By David Tom ยท 18 replies
Jun 26, 2013
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  1. Razer, a company known for its gaming accessories and Blade laptops, is now offering audio software that aims to recreate the surround sound experience. The new software is currently being offered free of charge; however, the company hopes that you...

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  2. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    I tried this yesterday and it actually works. It isnt as good as hardware 7.1 surround sound, but this emulation made my $30 stereo headphones into a awesome headset.
  3. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,198   +593

    If this actually works (Im going to DL it now), this is awesome.
  4. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    "Unfortunately, there was no way to differentiate between sound coming from directly behind or in front of the user,"

    Us, isn't that the point of 'surround sound'? General headphone sets are stereo, so the ability to differentiate "player?s left or right" and "determine the proximity to the sound source, as the volume appropriately rose or faded depending on the circumstances." That's a given.

    By the way, Realtek has had this feature since forever.
  5. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    Realtek's way is not as good and is not as easy.
  6. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    Not as good? This article quoted people who reviewed it - they had stereo sound only. Ergo, the program is doing nothing at all.

    Here is what the Realtek implementation looks like. Either On or Off.

    Edit: Oh.. and it actually works.

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  7. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    Sounds like a PR exercise.
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  8. Nobina

    Nobina TS Evangelist Posts: 1,339   +843

    I'm using it right now, seems like it's working.
  9. whiteandnerdy

    whiteandnerdy TS Member Posts: 69

    I just tried it...it seems to work well. going to try in on BF3 now
  10. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 930   +33

    Im not a headphone / earphone user, but I appreciate this free software. simply because sometimes I watch videos without my speakers. I have tried various surround emulating software in the past, and I can frankly say dolby headphone is the better one. there's a caveat though: you must set your game or video software to output 6-channel sound so DH can process it into correct algorithm. it's still garbage for music listening so far.
  11. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    I play FPS games and this works awesome.
  12. Rant/ Razer, pffffft! Had three products from them and all three died within 1 year and customer support was absolutely terrible. Tried to return 1 of the items under warranty but spun me around for 2 weeks until I was 1 year over my warranty then said that it was out of warranty and I would have to spend money to get it fixed.

    Also, I could care less to do business with a company that partnered with another who has a shady past of blatant intellectual property stealing (Malwarebytes anyone?) and was hosting porn in its subpages of their site - very professional from the ground-up! /rant
  13. Nice, thank you Razor!
  14. Yep, this works, but it also makes more expensive headphones sound like arse
  15. Hardware 5.1-7.1 is a joke. If this is anything like Dolby Headphone then it will be really nice!
  16. havok585

    havok585 TS Booster Posts: 155   +27

    After testing this new addition from razer I found that the headphones deliver more detailed sounds (like the sound of wind in the leaves from a tree is very perceivable as before it didnt) BUT this comes at a price: IT gives hard-locks on my system, for a couple of seconds, u cant move your mouse or anything, just freezes for 5-10 seconds then it reverts back to normal, this happens on the desktop, browsing.

    After I got RID of it, problems dissappeared.

    Faulty software from razer.
  17. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    So dedicated 5-channel audio setup is a joke, while a software virtual surround isn't? Okay...
  18. DAOWAce

    DAOWAce TS Booster Posts: 268   +39

    My sound card already does this, but it's nice to see a piece of 'free' software bring this kind of technology to others that don't actually spend money on a sound card, which is everyone buying prebuilt machines..

    IMBACORE TS Rookie

    It's good. Not as good as my Logitech X-530 of course but if you want to raise hell in the middle of the night and don't want the entire neighborhood doing the same to you, plug in your headphones/earphones (works flawlessly with my Sony MDR-XB300), login to your Razer Synapse account and play away!

    It doesn't work as well if you just want to listen to music though; it messes up audio clarity where songs and beats are concerned. Here's a guide on how to revert from using Razer Surround to the default Windows 7 speakers and back:


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