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Sep 7, 2010
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  1. Some emails - e.g. from commercial sites, merchants, banks etc have html content and sometimes scripts. This is effectively a web page loading inside an email. In such cases, it's possible for you to be tracked or for a malicious sender to detect when a specific mail is opened. For plain text emails, there is no way the sender knows you have opened it unless you respond. Most mail clients and webmail block html by default unless you allow it so unless you enable it they are not going to know you opened the mail.

    DjKraid's example above is hilarious, but unfortunately people do fall for it.
  2. learninmypc

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  3. eimhh

    eimhh TS Rookie


    otiara58 at gmail.com
    petshippingline2001 at mail.com
    petride_express at hotmail.com
    (I put an at instead of an @ because i can't post e-mails addresses otherwise)
    These are all new scammers that have tried to trick me out of sending them 150 euros for a chow chow puppy to be sent from Belgium to ________ . They made up two fake travelling agencies to "send" the puppy over.
    The people are located in Cameroon and when they send you e-mails they are very flattering and nice. It is usually followed by a phone call that is on a number that gets deleted shortly after or may not ever exist. 0023796481016 this is the number that they might use for you to contact them even if they use another em-mail address.

    Beware of them they play with your emotions and your minds.
    Thank you and Good bye world! :)
  4. learninmypc

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    I don't bother opening any (if any) I just click their box & click spam. bye bye:D
  5. DjKraid

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    #Barbarella23 - well...I guess the only thing you can do is go to the authorities :/

    #learninmypc - the best line ever "Don't reply to this (or if you do just spam the living sh*t out of them)!", thumbs up for the spamming part :D
    "I don't bother opening", well that's going to be a problem. When I put an ad on a site (like ebay, that I don't use btw) and some one want's to buy it there is a "reply to seller" or a "send a message" button and when someone replies "via" that button the topic on the mail is something like "RE:Nettimrakkina.com..." so if you want to get something sold then there is really only one option :/

    New scammer found (once again)

    So my friend is selling her caravan on

    So first she got a text message (sms) asking some random stuff and also asking for an answer via e-mail, so she answered...she then some time later she got an answer:

    Okay, i'm interested in the purchase but i have some questions first how long have you owned it and when last was it checked for any faults and is there any visible dent/scratch on the body? and what is your best/fixed price for it ?
    > > I am making an international purchase to my home and i would handle the Transportation to Malaysia and i would be paying through PayPal as it is the fastest and easiest to make payments with my Credit Card.. Respond to me soon. Hector

    The senders e-mail adr is: hectorthinks@hotmail.co.uk

    Now here is a thing that's interesting...a "Kafi 540" caravan, that is in Finland / Europe...the "buyer" is in Malaysia / Asia...first, how would the delivery be made...second, if it would be delivered from Finland to Malaysia then the delivery alone would probably cost more than a completely new caravan in Malaysia...so what the f***? -I don't get it @_@

    I'll try to get more "info" out of this scammer...so to be continued (this is going to be funny)...

    --- And here are a few more scammers ---

    These are also known for the same e-mail message as the one in this post...and then of course I also have to write what they wanted to buy...and get shipped to the other side of the world -_-

    simpson.alfred@hotmail.com - car from nettiauto.com
    ralphwaters001@gmail.com - car from tori.fi
    beverly.teman@gmail.com - I don't know what this one wanted but he went under the name "Beverly Teman"
    Ralpwaters001@gmail.com - boat
    ralphwaters001@gmail.com - boat
    jack.devon60@gmail.com - car / caravan and payment via PayPal UK
    mrschroos.lennon@gmail.com - car
    d.harrinson@gmail.com - car / MC
    sydneygwen007@gmail.com - caravan
    marysantana001@gmail.com - car
    hectorthinks@hotmail.co.uk - MC
    infobob_harry05@yahoo.com - car and this one also had a phone number, 00442070606191
    colerobinson082@hotmail.com - +919933530802 - Cole Robinson
    bobbydeandavid@hotmail.com - car and this one also works somehow together with hectorthinks@...
    infolucas_james01@yahoo.com - car - 0044709287319 - Dan Willy
    bensulliv2@blumail.com - I don't know what this one wanted...
    weizcapt@hotmail.com - car - 0126183345 - Capt. Weiz Stein
    captweiz01@hotmail.com - car - 04552207720414 - Capt. Weiz Stein
    colerobinson082@hotmail.com - +919933530802 - Cole Robinson
    capt_markmore_111@hotmail.com - +9423 (that's a bit short i think :D ) - Capt Mark More
    christopherbrwn604@gmail.com - MC
  6. gvbillem

    gvbillem TS Rookie

    New one about Wilson Ndo Ngwo Anja

    He is now using jessicanathan38 as alias!

    So be warned!

    He tried to get me little kittens for FREE!

    I just had to pay via Western Union 180 for shipment :p

    You just can't rely on people's goodness nowadays!
  7. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 551   +26

    Well if you want kittens for free there are loads of them here in Finland but I don't think anyone here is willing to send them anywhere.

    Anyhow, thanks for the update and lets just hope it helps someone! :)
  8. learninmypc

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    If you're looking for kittens, go to your local animal shelter:)
  9. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 551   +26

    Hi again! :)

    I'm now again trying to sell some stuff and guess what also found me again...u guessed it, scammers...they just keep on coming...
    I'm trying to sell a "Acer Aspire one" or at least I'm trying to look what I could get for one...anyhow, the add is a few weeks old and now a dude called "Mark Beckley" copy-pasted a message to me:

    ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    Hello, How are you doing I hope Fine and Good? I Have Interest in this Particular Item of Yours. 1) Is this Item still Available? 2) What is the Present Condition 3) How much is Your Best Price I will be waiting for your reply to markbeckleytolenu@gmail.com Thanks & Regards Mr. Mark Beckley Happy New Year.
    ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    And as you can see the e-mail adr they are using this time is:


    Almost forgot, here is the phone number that they are using this time: 439456745
  10. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 551   +26


    Here is a screenshot of the one of the fake PayPal e-mails that I got way back...I just forgot to add it earlier :/
  11. learninmypc

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    IF the email address on it is yours,I'd advise you to remove it.
  12. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 551   +26

    well yes it's one of mine but I have several of them...I rly don't know why and that's the most inactive one of them all...
    anyways good point there but I can't find even how to change it in this new layout O_o
  13. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 7,672   +413

    Find the EDIT button & go from there. Good luck.
  14. DjKraid

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    This thread was last updated...ages ago...which is good in a way even tho now I'm here again just to throw some more sh*t out. Some of my co-workers have got messages (SMS) from +447405540868 (UK) saying that they have won 750,00GBP and that they should send a some random message to "blackberryget@live.com" to claim their winnings.
    First of all their numbers can't be found in any catalog and they are not listed anywhere so how the h**l have they got those messages. Then there is also this one other little thing, obvious BS, the guys use a @live.com account which is basically the same as hotmail...that's just plain stupid...

    Anyways, if anyone knows any other details about that number or anything feel free to add a comment here :)
  15. Solitaire

    Solitaire TS Rookie

    II received this today..asking to buy my car advertised for £5,550, I didn't reply!

    From: Capt weiz stein

    My name is Capt. Weiz Stein; In respect to your car advert l want to buy your car,please update me with the last selling price of your car
    Capt weiz stein
  16. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 551   +26

    Oh this hasn't been updated in ages but it feels good that ppl still find this helpful and post their experience here also :)

    I'm actually working on new pages for myself that's for the games that I sell and so on but there will be a scammer section there as well and I was planning on making a "how to spot a scammer" guide there as well. So far I only have a similar page like that but it's meant for TF2 trading.
    When I'm done with the new pages I'll publish them and also put links to the pages everywhere that I can think of :p

    If anyone needs any help or advice regarding this topic then feel free to post here or send me a private message or add me on steam.
  17. DjKraid

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    So now I'm selling an old RAM card thingy for 12€ which...this time a guy contacted me and he wasn't that good at English but he had a Swedish phone number so for the lulz I wrote to him in Swedish. I basically just asked how he wanted to get it sent and I got this:

    Thanks so much I will like to buy the item to my charting lover in
    united kingdom so I will pay you 200eur for the item and the shipment
    cost so will be
    paying you via Bank so get back to me with you Bank detail so I can
    process with the Payment asap
    Note that retarded 200€ offer...really, where did that come from O_o
    Anyhow, here is the e-mail adr and phone number:

    (+46 = sweden ...8... = Stockholm or close by)

    +[phone number removed]
    [email address removed]
  18. Dat1Gamer

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    DJ that's what a M107A1 Barret .50CAL with explosive rounds are for!
  19. DjKraid

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    that wouldn't be evil anymore...they wouldn't feel a thing...it should be slow n painful
  20. Dat1Gamer

    Dat1Gamer TS Booster Posts: 112

    Take there legs out and leave them too die
  21. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 551   +26

    Amen to that :D

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