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Oct 19, 2008
  1. well i had installed Prince of persia warrior within some time back and my PC hasn't been touched by anyone for a long time. i cannot find any option to uninstall POP 2. i inserted the disk and it gave me an option to install the game again and i installed it again in the same drive but still no uninstall option. i have been to the add / remove programs but POP2 is not even listed there. please help me uninstall this game and all components.
  2. kimsland

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  3. TimeParadoX

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    Use brute uninstallers only when you're certain you can't uninstall it at all (Including registry).
  4. brute360

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    well you see thats why i mentioned that i had already tried that method. i had inserted the disc and run the set up in the same drive with the same name but to my amazement the disc installed the game again only taking the trouble of asking me whether i intended to replace the files already existing. there was not even any option for repair or uninstall.

    Mr kimsland is there any risk involved in using brute uninstaller?
  5. kimsland

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    I don't believe so
  6. brute360

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    thanks a lot Mr / Ms Kimsland

    well Mr Kimsland it turns out that your brute uninstaller is only an alternative to the applet in the windows OS. and both of them don't even list Prince of Persia as an installed component or software let alone uninstall them...i am so sad...:confused:

    here's an update. i also have tried Revo Uninstaller which pointed out that the game does not have an uninstaller package...so now i have a game which cannot be removed because it has not uninstaller...is there no one with the expertise on this forum to help me?
  7. kimsland

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    I have gien you two options already (which didn't work)
    You have then found the (better) alternative un-installer (which didn't work)

    I believe the best option would be to locate the "Prince of persia warrior within" original CD; re-install it again. Then uninstall it.

    Or try their forums which should give more specific help (ie registry keys and removing folders)

    That makes 4 things !

    Good luck, ideally post back with the results
  8. brute360

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    ok thanks for the suggestions. for your third advice Original CD might be a problem as i have a DVD collection of games copied from my friend's system. i think thats what is causing the problem. unfortunately my friend does not live near here nowadays...so i can't get the original disk anyhow...anyway..i'll try my best and report back if i achieve something otherwise i am stuck with this game forever.
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