was this caused by the unhooking of my joystick?

By 2unl2
Jan 7, 2006
  1. yesterday i bought need for speed most wanted and a gamepad from best buy, the game wouldnt recognize my gamepad becuase i had another usb joystick hooked up, and unhooking it solved the problem, and the game recognized my gamepad after that. but when i unhooked it, i did it right in the middle of the game and the whole computer froze and had this oil slick like jumble of colors on the screen. so i restarted and went on the internet to find out what happened. after about 5 minutes, my monitor turned off and wouldnt turn back on. so i pressed the sleep button on my keyboard and then moved the mouse around a little and the monitor came back on, but with the same oil slick jumble thing goin on. i have no idea how i managed to fix my monitor but after i turned off my computer and restarted it about 10 times, it finally came back on and the problem stopped. this whole thing probably happened becuase i disabled vpu recover in the catalyst control center, but i enabled it agian now so next time something like this happens it might be able to restart the videocard itself and not cause all these problems. but now my computer is just falling apart ever since i unplugged that joystick. i have two new unidentified processes running, savedump.exe (sown as dumprep in msconfig) and services.exe. when i try to disable dumprep it comes back every time i startup, and i even deleted savedump.exe and it still came back. i dont know what services.exe is but it isnt shown in msconfig. also my antivirus wont work (avg free edition) it says i need to update, then when it goes to do it it says unsuccessful, please reinstall, and i did but it still sas the same thing. i also defragged and ran every adaware and spybot type app i have but they do nothing. and when i try to run the virus scan it stops every time at a file called ntoskrnl.exe. and NOW when i try to go to one of those free virus scans online, it come up with an error "alert, connection was refused by 'insert website'". i am using firefox and none of thse problems have ever ever ever happened until the joystick thing. also, now at startup my system is using alot more ram than before, probably not that big of a deal, but it causes a performance hit. if someone can please help me i will be so grateful, i just wanna play my new game, but i wont let myself until i fix all this.

    p4 3.0c with ht
    msi 865pe neo-2s
    350w psu
    x800xt aiw
    samsung 700df crt 17 inch monitor
    1.5gb's ram
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