Watch a prototype Intel Arc Alchemist GPU be unboxed


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I play games for about 10 hours a week on average and I currently have a system with an RX480. This is no longer suitable for modern titles at 1080p60. So if Intel can sell a card for $200-$300 that can breathe some life into my existing monitor that would be great. Currently my only choice is an RTX3050 and if it was in stock at £250 I’d begrudgingly buy one. But it isn’t.
Love my rx480 8gb. Still flying on high in most titles. Paired with a 3700x . Will buy intel if the price is good

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All I hope is that these GPUs turn out to be kryptonite for exorbitant prices hikes in the market. I am currently using 1050ti and have not been able to get a new card due prices.
Intel please be great..