Watch as these Photoshop experts (try to) use Photoshop 1.0

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It’s hard to believe but the go-to photo editing application used by millions, Photoshop, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, CreativeLive recently asked eight Photoshop experts to take a trip back in time and try their hand at working in Photoshop 1.0.

Those that have ever tried to get work done with (extremely dated) legacy software will no doubt be able to relate. I won’t spoil it here but let’s just say that the experts were certainly taken out of their comfort zones and productivity went out the window. It just goes to show you how we often take modern technology for granted.

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"kahhhh why back in my day we had no edit history! You had to mean every single edit, or if you were one of those riffraff whippersnappers you'd save a new file between every big edit!"

Seriously though, found this video to be fairly entertaining, for the reactions of course.


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I started with photoshop 4.0 and even now, I will stumble onto something I didn't know I could do.
Everything for me has been self taught or watched a video on how to do something. I don't "create" much.
I just use it for photo creation from RAW photos from my dSLR.
That was fun to watch.

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LOL ..... they think that was tough, how about getting them to try AutoCAD v. 1.0 .... now THAT would be a challenge!
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Well they're still a lot better than me. I remember trying to use an early release of Photoshop many, many years ago just to see what it was all about and I didn't know where to start, if I tried using the latest version today I'm positive nothing will have changed for me.
Not being interested in photography it's one of those popular programs that I've never needed.
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Actually, comparing with how much other technologies have changed in 25 years, photoshop 1.0 is not that different to the latest version on CC. It's horrible to use now, but not completely different. Take a look at internet browsing 25 years ago compared with today and the changes are much more drastic then "only one undo, and no layers". So this video actually shows how accomplished photoshop 1.0 already was 25 years ago, and hasn't really done much innovating in the last 25 years.


That video shows more about the users than the software. People seem to have been trained over the last 25 years to expect a machine to think all of their difficult thoughts for them. One wonders what point there is to a human, when the things we do that make us unique slowly get replaced by machines doing them instead.


For me it's not difficult to use, I work with it on daily base this movie was awesome to see :D really brings back memories, actually I still have an very old Mac with 1.0 on it, think I'm going to have some fun with 1.0 haha