Watch this: YouTuber creates a real-life version of Apex Legends' loot robot


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In brief: Respawn Entertainment's massively popular battle royale FPS, Apex Legends, is widely considered one of the most fun and high-quality competitors to Epic's BR behemoth Fortnite. Apex's incredibly passionate fanbase is certainly evidence of that -- one especially devoted (and handy) player has even gone so far as to create an actual, real-life loot robot based on the one in the game. It can walk, beep, light up, and even kick smaller versions of itself to pieces.

Words alone aren't enough to fully encapsulate just how impressive this little project is, so be sure to take a look at its creator's official build video below. In it, YouTuber and engineer The3DPrintSpace summarizes the entire construction process. He shows himself calibrating the bot's servos, assembling its various pieces, and even recording its sounds directly from the game.

Judging by his subscriber count, The3DPrintSpace seems to be a little-known figure in the maker community. With a little luck, though, maybe this video will change that. He certainly deserves some more attention -- the level of detail that went into this creation is mind-boggling.

Everything from the way the bot (known as a "Loot Tick") twitches to the rotations of its "head" makes it feel like it has been ripped straight out of the game. I've played quite a bit of Apex Legends myself, so I can attest to the accuracy of the build here.

Unfortunately, unlike in the game, the bot doesn't explode into a pile of guns, weapon attachments, and consumable items when punched... Probably. But we'll give The3DPrintSpace a pass on that. After all, it'd be a shame to throw away all the work that went into the Loot Tick just for one explosive finale; even if it would look pretty impressive.

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