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By Doctor Gallop
Feb 26, 2010
  1. Hi, I use a wave file as a welcome for when I log on to my computer.
    Question: Is there a way to join 2 seperate wav files and make it one?
    Is there a freeware program that can help me do that?

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    You could try the copy command. The easiest way is to put both waves directly under the C drive temporarily (easier to find from the command prompt). Open your RUN window and type CMD and enter to open the window, then after the prompt type "cd c:\" without the quotes (and make sure there is a space between cd and c), that should get you to a prompt of only C:\>. Once there (and it is focused on the C drive now where you put the wav's) you can type or paste in this line using the actual wav names or rename them one.wav and two.wav or 1.wav and 2.wav to make it eaiser. Here is what you would type for 1.wav 2.wav in the root of C:

    copy /b 1.wav+2.wav 3.wav

    (you could join 10 wav files if you want)

    basically what this line does is append 2.wav to the end of 1.wav and then renames the joined files 3.wav but you can use any naming scheme.

    note there is a space between the word copy and the switch /b and then another after /b then no spaces at all until you type the new name of the joined files (3.wav). Windows will append file two to file one and rename it file three and it will end up in the root of C where the originals are. I know this works for avi and mpeg so I can't see a reason it would not work with wave files. If they are different bitrates there could be a problem though and you might have to convert one to the others rate.

    I know having a program to do it for you is cool, but to know these kind of tricks gives you a power you can't get from applications.
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