WD 500GB HDD with bad sectors?

By shorto
Mar 24, 2009
  1. Hi!

    Well form the beginning that I got my WD 500GB it's been acting weird. But now it simply can't read most of the files, I use TeraCopy to copy my files and I seed the copy speed at witch it is copied and it falls from let's say 20MB to 120kb then it just says the file was not found on the device and it skipes it. I got a reply from WD to just do a low-level format and supposedly everything will be OK. But my other question is is there a way to get the files TeraCopy couldn't get off the HDD somehow using some different software?

  2. Tedster

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    try recuva before formatting. It's free. If your drive keeps developing bad sectors replace it.
    A low level format is a short-term fix.
  3. gguerra

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    Check the warranty. Some of the WD's have 2 or more years warranty. In the mean time you are out of a hard drive but at least you get it fixed free.
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