Web browser gets hacked onto the tiny Apple Watch display

By Scorpus
May 11, 2015
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  1. There's one pretty obvious feature missing from most smartwatches released onto the market today: a fully-fledged web browser. What could be better than browsing complex web pages on a tiny display with basically no resolution to work with?

    One developer realized how important it is to have a web browser on your wrist, and so has hacked the feature into the Apple Watch to rectify its baffling omission. In a video demonstrating the hack, the Apple Watch displays the Google homepage on its tiny screen as the developer scrolls around and even brings up the iOS copy/define menu.

    There is no word on how Comex, the known Apple developer and jailbreaker responsible for this hack, managed to get a web browser running on an Apple Watch. However it could lead to bigger and better things, such as a jailbreak for the smartwatch and the ability to run apps from outside Apple's App Store.

    As this could be a jailbreak in progress, Comex hasn't released the incredibly useful Apple Watch web browser for public testing, which is a shame but is necessary to prevent Apple from patching any associated exploit. For now, you'll just have to stick with the regular, boring features of the recently-released Watch.

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  2. stewi0001

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    Scott Adams foresaw this madness
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  3. RzmmDX

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    It would be hilarious if it outputs all of the http content.
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