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  1. Hi my problem is I can create a Web Site on my computer which has a 17 inch screen and it looks great but then when I look at it on a smaller screen I have to scroll to the right does any one know how to make it fit on all size screens?
  2. mopar man

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    You posted this in the wrong forum, but I will still help. ;)

    You are creating the site with HTML, correct? If so you are most likely creating everything (tables, etc.) with a larger pixel size. One way to fiix this is whenever you create the tables, instead of making the size in pixels, change it too 100%, 50%, etc.

    If you are using a WYSIWYG editor, or something like it, then I don't know.
  3. jobeard

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    set the width="100%" -- the display will 'fill' the window and flow to show all data
    no matter how the user resizes the window. In the example below,
    a single table is used with one row and one cell (where the width is located).
    In that cell you can put Any other normal html. I highly recommend you use CSS
    for all other formatting controls.

    <table border="0">
    <td width="100%">
    <p>MILAN, Italy (AP) — Italian composer Giorgio Battistelli says he believes operatic treatment of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" will help people see the world's environmental predicament from a fresh point of view.
    <p>"Opera makes you reflect," he said in a phone interview Friday. He is working on an opera based on Gore's book and film about climate change.
    <p>Artists in general "make you see things differently, make you see things in a new light. When we see a painting by Francis Bacon or a film of Sydney Pollack, we get a very precise idea of the problems of our century," Battistelli said.
    <p>He began work on the opera a year ago, and the Milan opera house La Scala plans to present it during the 2011 season as part of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification in 1861.
    copy/paste this into Notepad and save as Sample.html which you can then open
    in your browser to see the effect of resizing.

    Best wishes
  4. mopar man

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    Lol, much better explanation, jobeard.

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