Webcam Problem

By Superfly999
Jul 10, 2008
  1. Hi, I'm really stumped and I don't know what to do; so if anyone can help please do so :p. I've looked all over the internet and tried tons of things but yeah still no progress =[.

    Ok, my problem is that I bought a webcam today and it came with a CD and it's own drivers... I installed the drivers, plugged up the webcam to my USB port and had it recognized by new hardware ect... and whenever i try to cam with someone or use a program that needs it, it always says no capture device or something along those lines. I looked in device manager and it has Imaging devices -> CIF Single Chip with a yellow question mark. Looked it up and people say it's a webcam without any drivers or something. However I already have the drivers FROM THE CD installed and pressed reinstall/update driver via device manager and located my cd-rom drive ect and says that no drivers were found or error data invalid ect... I thought it MAY be the cam so i returned it and got a new one today (this is all after trying many solutions i found via google and none working). Got a new webcam and still does the same thing.

    I'm running Windows XP and the 2 cams were/are compatible with XP. I tried the HP Webcam 100k pixels and returned it and now I have the Basic Webcam IC50C from Micro Innovations. Thought i'd add my device id USB\VID_093A&PID_2460\5&248E545D&0&1

    If anyone can help thank you so much ^_^

    *EDIT* I also tried the XP-SocPcCamerazenithusbdriver.rar driver suggested in another thread and it comes up after i try to install the driver > An error occurred during the installation of the device. The data is invalid.
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