Webcam won't work??

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Aug 28, 2004
  1. I recently had to re-install windows, and therefore had to re-instal my webcam. It worked fine before but now won't work:mad: .

    The model is: Maxim Digital Camera MX30-50, my windows OS is Windows98

    It can be used as a webcam and also as a camera.
    I can take photos with it and upload them no problem.. but when I use the webcam (and i have tried it with various programs that i've used before with it), it simply doesnt load. It freezes whatever application I tried to run it in.

    When I run in the application "PCCam" I get the error that it cannot run preview graph. I've tried reinstalling the software and the driver multiple times but still no result.

    Any ideas to get it running would be appreciated, thank you in advance

    edit: also forgot to say it is a USB Camera.. but I do know that the USB cable is working because I can get photos from it
  2. reggie3998

    reggie3998 TS Rookie

    im having the same problim

    im having the same problim but now i cant even find the disk off my camera so if any one can help please e mail me or watever
    it might be your usb settings gointo controle pannel
    and look in deviceman uad open devoices there u shuld see wats wrong maybe
  3. honden12

    honden12 TS Rookie

  4. devilangel07

    devilangel07 TS Rookie

    help please

    hi there i have bough a maxim digital cameral MX30-50 but didnt get a cd with it could any one please help as i dont know how to install it onto my computer without it thanx please either reply here or email me at with info thanx

    Janet x :)
  5. s62209

    s62209 TS Rookie

  6. jatinuppal

    jatinuppal TS Rookie

    maxim mx30-50

    hi guys
    i had similiar problem with digital web camera maxim 30-50 but i m lucky enough to find my cd ..i have that now. but i dont know how to help u out...
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