Webcams not working on Windows 7

  1. Ok so I'll try to explain everything that happened:

    So a few days ago I got a really bad virus. So bad that it filled my PC up with bloatware and it said I could not log into my user account. I had to actually edit some stuff in the registry just to let me log in again. I ran Malwayre bytes like 3 times, deleted any suspicious files in my task manager.

    I had issued with windows loading. I would get a black screen and when I held the power button on my PC(after waiting after like 10 minutes and nothing showing up.) it would say something about CMD failing to load...oh boy..

    So I performed another virus cleanup, and now it loads.

    But now I'm having another issue.. for some reason my webcam will NOT display video. But the mic on it works. I tried everything, restarting, using different ports, ect, the only thing I didn't do was do a reinstall of skype(I also tried and it was not showing up.) tried reinstalling the drivers, even called logitech techsupport and they tried to help me.

    It still would not work.

    So I thought the webcam was busted. I mean my monitor is on my desk and whenever I need to get behind there the damn camera would always fall over. I thought maybe it was just damaged.

    So I went and purchased another camera today, plugged it in, installed it(it actually fell over as I was setting it up and I thought maybe that's why this one was not working either lol.)

    But then I tried something. I remember my user account having that issue. So I decided to try making another user account and using skype there.

    And it worked. So now I know it has to do with my user account. I wonder if maybe I did something in the registry to prevent cameras from working? I really REALLY don't want to do a fresh install of windows 7 there anyway I can edit something in the registry to fix this?

    This seems to be the only thing I can think of. I can use my camera on the other account but all my data is on the other profile. So it would be really annoying having to switch back and forth all the time..

    If someone could please help me that would be appreciated, thanks..
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    I'd not trust the security on the computer and would reinstall Windows 7 rather than tinker with it. So long as the OS is not too badly effected you could use Microsoft's media creation tool to handle the free upgrade to Windows 10. That way you would get a clean OS back faster than with a W7 reinstall. You would also be up to date. W10 has lots of updates to catch up on since it launched around a year ago.
  3. Cycloid Torus

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    Do not trust that the malware is gone. If it were mine to do, I would backup data files (nothing else!!) and I would 'zero' the HDD (using a utility ). Then I would reformat and install Windows 7. Update. Get everything working again. Upgrade to Windows 10 if the machine can handle it. Make sure my anti-malware is installed and running. Do a full scan. Confirm everything works. Copy only DATA files from my backup. Run a full scan.
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