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Aug 1, 2009
  1. OK. I have what may be an odd question. I am looking for a software program (preferrably freeware) that will remember my E-mail address and enter it whenever I am promted by a website to enter it. I am not really interested in saving passwords, just the E-mail address. I get so tired of having to enter my E-mail address over and over again.

    Does anyone know if such a software program exists?
  2. strategic

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    I'm a little confused:confused:
    If it's a program to check your email, you can download this:
    It's free and works great, you can also install it on your flash drive and take it with you from PC to PC wherever you go. I hope this helps:)
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    I don't think such a program exists HOWEVER i've addressed a similar problem where i do it all via mouse clicks (i find it still much easier if don't actually have to re-type the text each time). And altho is a bit of a setup i find it's sooo much easier to simply mouse click what i need (which i can do while still sitting back in my chair ;) )

    One-time Setup
    • Enable Quick Launch icons in the Windows task bar
      > Place the Show Desktop icon as the first of the Quick Launch icons
    • Create a Notepad text file on your Desktop
      > Type your email address into the text file
      > Close the text file and move the text file icon to the lower left corner of your screen (just above Show Desktop in your task bar)

    Each time you need the text string.
    • Click Show Desktop icon (1 click) (if needed)
    • Double click the text file icon to open it (2 clicks)
    • Triple click the email address to select it (3 clicks to select the whole text line)
    • Then Rt click->copy the text line
    • And now you can paste it where ever you need!
  4. strategic

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  5. LookinAround

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  6. southerngq

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    I really do not want to instal any kind of third party toolbar. I just do not trust them.

    Let me see if I can clarify what I'm looking for. Say you go to your favorite website. To login you have to first enter your E-mail address as your user name. Instead of having to type the E-mail address, I am looking for a program that will recognize the E-mail address request and enter it automatically.

    I hope this helps to understand what I am searching for.
  7. strategic

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  8. Bobbye

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    I know exactly what you're looking for. Here is the best way I know to get it:

    I am not one to get extra programs and other 'junk', but I have been using the Google Toolbars on my systems since day 1. I don't have all of the options checked, but I do have 'automatically fill in form' checked. I put what I want into the database. I click on the dialog box and the information is input.

    Will it track you somehow? Who knows. But "something" has to hold and input the information you want. The days of anonymity on the internet are basically gone for the home PC. But I think I'd trust Google to do it over some other program I never heard of!
  9. Tedster

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    firefox will remember most form fields if you don't delete cookies or forms when cleaning.
  10. Bobbye

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    You can control what to delete in Firefox: Tools> Privacy section> Privacy data> check either box as wanted> Settings> check or uncheck as wanted.

    To clear: Tools> Clear Privacy Date (according tot he setting you have input)
  11. southerngq

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    Question complete

    I am using RoboForm for now. It seems to do what I want, although it's a little hinky to work with. Thanks for the assistance.
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