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By dustinl15
Nov 30, 2007
  1. I don't know if this is the correct forum for this but....I am looking for a site to do some website hosting for me. I checked out GoDaddy but the package I was looking at only offer 5GB of storage and I would like somewhere around 10 if possible. My main issue is the cost of something like that, does anyone have a good reliable site that offers between 5-10GB but is fairly cheap. I searched Google but had a hard time finding anything that seemed good.
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    if using as a website with links search for best site 2005
    godaddy the best priced and allows for file storage in there TOS
    almost all other sites do not allow any type of file storage use
    IE: you ftp a 3gb file to share with your friend or clients
    all files must have html links and be seen by the hosting provider
    the few dollars more 100 GB Space is cheap if your making money
    5gb is plenty for html and php code with images to
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