Weekend game deals: Win your top 5 most desired games


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There's no more pre-Black Friday, Black Friday preview or any other warm-up sales. Today's the real deal and the game dealers know it. Steam is discounting a new batch of titles every day through the weekend, including drastically reduced gift packs. It's also worth noting that every day during Steam's sale, 30 people will win the top 5 games on their wishlist, so be sure to slap one together before time's up. Impulse is also partaking in the festivities, cutting prices on around 3 dozen games, while Direct2Drive is giving away 1-in-5 orders free of charge.

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Oh oh oh, the only good game is Dawn of War II, which I bought a couple months ago on THQ week sale. And maybe counter-strike: source, but that expired already.


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Chazz said:
I put portal 2 on my wishlist. Think they'll honor that? :)
Same here. There is no price so I'm not sure. I'd bet they would if you asked real nice though. If not they'd just ignore it and choose the next game.


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Is the valve complete pack a game?

It is not, you cant not add it to your wish list either since it is not a game. A gold edition game where the game comes with its expansion is different.