Weekend Open Forum: Do you use a smartwatch?

Yes. 2 actually. I have a Huawei watch 2 classic. It is stunningly beautiful and has all the features I need. The second is a Gear Fit 2 that I use specifically for mountain biking etc, because I love my Huawei watch too much.

I thought I had recently read that Huawei and Fitbit were actually the top 2 manufacturers.
Yes me and my gf have Apple Watch series 2. She uses her for the heart beat monitor since she has had heart problems in the past it tells her when it’s beating irregular. I use it for the tech and some fitness me n some friends compete on weekend to fill our rings. Since we have gotten them it has motivated us to do more.


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I have a Samsung Gear S2 that I obviously use for the time and to count the number of steps I take during the day.

Uncle Al

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The old Timex is smart enough for me and if I am unsure, the phone can answer the rest of the relevant questions.


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I have a fitbit Blaze. It was gifted to me. I only wore it for the health tracking functions for 3 months. Almost one year later, I still wear it for business or when I go out. It's really no different than a regular watch at this point (except it needs to be charged once a week -- a huge pain).

The fitbits are far more complex than a smartphone. However, the inconvenience of the product is a major reason why the retention rate of these products is incredibly low (akin to people who join gyms and then stop going).


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She uses her for the heart beat monitor since she has had heart problems in the past it tells her when it’s beating irregular.

This is my favorite part of smart watches. the BPM measurement (and logging of data) is really great at having a pretty accurate historical reference. From there, you can roughly try to think of what is causing the issue and try to fix it (say, improper diet or stress).


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I will add to my first comment.

If I decide to put a watch back on my arm, it will be my trusty 35 year old stainless steel Casio. I have no desire to charge my arm piece even on a monthly basis. It's a headache charging a phone on a 4 to 7 day basis. My phone is probably dead at least once a month because I forget to plug it in.

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I'm not really a big fan of the Android Wear that exists right now. It seems like more of a hassle to use than it's worth. Short battery life, poor style choices, or high price tag or any combination thereof makes them undesirable for me.

I think wearables still have a very long way to go before they are ready to truly compete with regular high end watches. If I were willing to spend the money on a nice accessory, I don't want to have to replace it three years from now because it's outdated.
I just recently quit using my old sony sw 2, it's just 3 years ago I bought it, I'm using it because of my interest in how smartwatch could do, but since it's just using it's own native os, it has only a few great watchfaces, other than critical functions it's also important for me to have a goid looking watchface, the battery perform great.. I took a few days or more than a week for it to last.
my only problem for SmartWatchhes these days is..
1. they're way to expensive if compared to analog watches that now still have more looks and feels of value.
2. battery life, if it use no androidware system it will last longer, but almost so little way to customize, it's also suck when u were in a rush then the battery get low, feels like carrying a brick on your wrist.
3. looks or faces, since it's digital it can changes watchfaces depend on it's ecosystem used, that's a plus for me.. and offcourse I will choose a smartwatch that could change straps easily.

well that's my consideration.. I will buy another smartwatch sometimes in the future, untill they got more battery life and became more popular, but if you are a tech guy, nothing can stop you, just find one that suits you, hey I just remeber that garmin also have some goog looking smartwatch, but they still too expensive for me if compared to automatic watches.. some of my friends using garmin and still like it till today


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I have an LG Watch sport. I don't use it for apps most of the time, though I do tend to read texts that come in through it. I mostly enjoy wearing watches and it allows me to easily change out the watchface.
Yep. Still use my Pebble Steel from years ago. Mainly for quick notification glances, general time keeping, and quick weather updates.

It's just a short time saver, keeping my phone in my pocket is quite nice.


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I'm currently not wearing a watch. I had a Casio with 10 year battery life, which was perfect for telling the time (and date) but I lost it.

Smart watch? I think it would be cool, but in practice I hate having to charge stuff. I owned a Fossil Wrist PDA, so I'm certainly not against geeky cool, totally unnecessary stuff, but I've gravitated a bit towards more usable stuff as I grew older.


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I don't have one, and not planning to either. I like my watch being one device that just always works, without being flimsy or phimsical.
Does fitness tracker considered smartwatch?

I'm a runner and I'm addicted to fitness tracker.

I'm using a Garmin GTX 750 right now!

In running, stats tell you all.