Weekend Open Forum: What kind of television do you have?

By Shawn Knight · 71 replies
Oct 5, 2012
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  1. We have 4 sets. A 120 Hz HD 2D Sony 52" LCD Bravia in the living room. Awsome picture! There is a 46 " Sony 120Hz LCD HD in the office. The snap and color for NASCAR is great! Both have BluRay 2D DVDs attached. There is an ancient 32" CRT Sony in the bedroom, soon to be replaced with a 32" 120 1080 LCD (Sony, of course; I love the color.) There is another RCA CRT 20" for my wife's treadmill in the basement. All are supplied by Verizon FiOS Max HD.

    We also have 3 desktops, 2 laptops, 2 tablets, 2 smartphones and a dumb cell phone. Everything is on Verizon 4G/LTE and/or FiOS WiFi and we are happy as clams at high tide.
  2. PinothyJ

    PinothyJ TS Guru Posts: 460   +22

    55" super thing Toshiba 3D TV that Toshiba gave to me for selling a lot of Toshiba products.

    Did I mention that I am only a casual...
  3. scorpian007

    scorpian007 TS Enthusiast Posts: 52   +18

    Pioneer 50" 509 Kuro. Still an awesome TV, only TV that I've seen that matches it is the Panasonic VT50.
  4. The Lounge
    Pioneer Kuro 60inch KRP 600a simply the best commercial TV ever made
    only thing it doesnt have is 3d ...Now it does as I have bought a 3d fury HD and it works superbly
    nearly had it for 4 year and it still makes me smile

    Main Bedroom
    42 inch Panansonic 6 years old still going strong excellent picture
  5. Have no tv :) no need for it, with the internet and a great computer :D
  6. boybrushdred

    boybrushdred TS Member Posts: 26

    20" Sony Bravia S Series from 2008 (KLV-20S400A). 720p / 1360x768. I use it for PC, PS3 and PS2.
  7. Pudg

    Pudg TS Rookie

    Lg 47" 3D, computer built in Sports are great in 3D
  8. My last tv was a 27" Panasonic cathode ray tube that I bought from Wal-Mart back in 2003 or so. It actually served me pretty well until it died on me last year. The thing seemed to weigh a ton. I am eternally grateful that we now have lcd technology.
  9. I have a 60" Pioneer Kuros Elite Pro-151FD. I mainly use it for Movie watching and the occasional Television show. I made sure to get this set professionally calibrated and I could not be happier. Well, maybe a little happier if Pioneer had remained in the Plasma market.
  10. I have 3 tvs. One a 28 inch tv/monitor for computer/game consols. 42 inch tv in bedroom and a 27 inch iMac. Also a 15 inch mac book. The tv is on a media center windows computer. Love the 42 inch. It's like being at the movies. Got it for 800 at best buy like 4 years ago. Never needed to upgrade. It is not led. I think it is lcd. but good quality. In 4 years never been serviced. Same thing with my 28 inch I-inc monitor. I had that one since 2005. I guess it is pushing 7 years and got 0 dead or stuck pixels. Good products. No burn ins nothing. And I know at times I use em 8 hours straight when I do research for papers for college. Love lcds. Never had leds. Even the lcds seem to bright. I remember when I made the leap from crts lo lcds. The image quality was boxy and the brightness took a couple of months to get used to. But now a days it is crazy. They have screens with 30,000,000 to 1 contrast. Or 300,000,000 to one. that is crazy. Its like staring at the sun.
  11. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 1,867   +1,286

    12" Emerson CRT from God knows what decade. We only get one channel here now thanks to the wonderful digital transition which effectively cut broadcast strength in half. The consumers who actually <I>needed</I> OTA are now the ones who barely receive it. I'm sure this had nothing at all to do with the federal government's continuing effort to disenfranchise rural Americans.
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  12. slamscaper

    slamscaper TS Booster Posts: 191   +38

    You Pioneer Kuro owners do have it made, because those are probably the best flat screen HDTV's ever made. They blow away virtually all the LCD HDTV's on the market today (in every aspect, save for power consumption). The black levels and contrast are unmatched on the Kuro line. Only the astronomically expensive LCD's that use local dimming LED arrays come anywhere close to Pioneer's legendary Kuro series, but these rare LCD's are significantly more expensive. The more common edge-lit LED HDTV's don't even come close. Same goes for the CCFL based LCD's.

    It's a shame that Pioneer discontinued the Kuro line. I imagine this occurred because the demand for Plasma has waned over the years in favor of LCD. This is mainly due to a lack of education regarding Plasma tech in general. Most people don't realize that Plasma is still far superior to LCD in all the most important areas, including contrast, response time, black levels, and color reproduction. The only drawback to Plasma is the increased power consumption, as burn-in just isn't a problem anymore with the latest Plasma displays.
  13. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    Sony 46inch KDL-46X4000, was top of the range when I got it. Must have had it for at least 6 years. Was a toss up between getting new windows fitted in the apartment I lived in at the time or a big TV that I could hook my PC up to. I was a bachelor so the TV won! First FullHD TV that Sony produced. Still think it looks pretty damned good compared to some mid/high end TVs today and has more adjustments in the menus than I'd ever thought possible on a TV. The money this thing cost at the time means I'm using it until it dies.

    Recently put a little 22" Finlux TV in our kitchen. 1920x1080. Can record to USB flash drive, built in DVD player for only £127(about $200, €150). Considered similar sized "Smart TVs" for the kitchen but they were all double the price. The one we got is perfect for the kitchen.
  14. 1992 21' Sharp CRT TV .... still working XD
  15. jizzyburnizzy

    jizzyburnizzy TS Enthusiast Posts: 61   +7

    Samsung 47" LED. got it about 4 years ago so time to upgrade, just need to convince the wife :(
  16. pmcardle

    pmcardle TS Booster Posts: 117   +22

    Living Room: 60" Sharp Aquos 240Hz 3D 1080P
    Master BR: 40" Sony Bravia 120Hz 1080P
    Porch: 32" Visio 60Hz 720P
    Son's BR: 42" LG 60Hz 1080P
    Spare BR: 32" to 40" 120Hz 1080P; shopping around now, any good suggestion?
  17. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 839   +29

    I spend a fair amount of time shopping around for a new TV about 2 years ago and settled on a LG 55" 120hz. I don't know if it is the absolute best TV but it was for a good price and had good reviews.
    And after having it for 2 years I don't have any complaints about it. Looks great an full 1080p. PS3 looks great on it, and it works wonderfully with my surround sound system and my home built HDTV.
    And its non-3D. Have no desire for 3D.....
  18. jizzyburnizzy

    jizzyburnizzy TS Enthusiast Posts: 61   +7

    Ya 3D is lame, I dont see myself ever purchasing a 3D TV
  19. I have a Samsung 1080p 40". Only thing I can say abt it otherwise is "DONT BUY" unless you have a few T-Con card in hand.
  20. JVC - 32" CRT
    JVC - 20" CRT

    That's it, the CRT's are still going strong and look good. Yes, someday I'll get an LCD/LED TV but I'm not sure when.
  21. Living room Sony 50"SXBR projection set, 7 year's old and is still better than most LCD's.
    Bedroom Hitachi 42"LCD
  22. SONY 34" CRT HD - some 5 years old. Still the most beautiful, of not biggest picture that I have seen. Since I only sit 8 - 1o feet from the TV, the 34" is adequite. Drawback? Weighs some 225 pounds.

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