Weekend Open Forum: What's the oldest part in your PC?



I have a plextor dual layer dvd burner, has to be circa 2004. Plextor make great drives, it even worked with x64 when it came out.


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My Nvidia 8800 GT 1GB. I fried my 9800 while playing with overclocking it and about a week before that I had picked up a PC at a yard sale for $20 that happen to have a 8800 GT in it. Still going strong.

At work I think the oldest part we have is a computer or two with P4 cpu's in them.


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Got to be my epox 9npa-ultra mob. its NF-4 chipset...with a 4600x2 and 7900GTX with a raptor 10,000rpm 76GB hdd. all works apart from the USB freeze up the system now and then. not bad for 8 years old system. got some very old pci 32mb gpu and agp 64bit gpu next to useless now a days lol...


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Two WD Caviar Blacks and an 80gb GSkill SATA II SSD. It doesn't look like I'll be retiring any of these three soon as they are still doing what they are supposed to do.


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My trusty IBM model M keyboard (actually the oldest part on every PC in the house) It's birth cert. reads 1993-01-28


I have a fully funcional Pentium I @ 100Mhz... Of course I dont use it...
Im my current PC, the case have survived since 2000.