Weekend Open Forum: Where do you buy online?


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I only shop online for electronics stuff, so for that I browse between newegg, tigerdirect, and amazon. One of the three is always guaranteed to have what I'm looking for. As for all the other stuff, I work at walmart so I just buy what I need with my discount card before leaving work.


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For food, clothing, and furniture I shop the old fashioned way, though occasionally I peruse Ikea's website.
I know, nothing can be more frustrating than ordering a couple dozen eggs online, only to have them arrive two days after Halloween...! :haha:

Since Ikea has stores in most major markets, that's not cheating, that's what I like to call, "dry shopping".


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captaincranky said:
Mercadolibre Argentina!
?Hay un lugar como esto? Se suene mas como una eslogn de una revolucion.... "Compraremos en libertad, para siempre...!
Look at you! You are an all spanish Sir. I think Mercadolibre is powered by e-bay, the same owners, probably... they even look alike! And yes, the name of the web it's kinda a capitalist "eslogan".... "buy/sell here and gain your freedom!"...


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I live with a senior citizen and am actually old enough to join aarp myself. We get the Chicago Tribune and shop those retail ads for Fry's, Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, and Comp USA. I also get Micro Center mailings and shop mostly retail. The stack of black friday and related newspaper ads was so big it almost hit the ceiling this weekend. In one ad you could get a 42" lcd hdtv from Wal-mart for $398 on black friday. We bought ours two years ago this way. When I returned my defective macbook pro to Fry's purchased retail, I got a FULL refund with no shipping or restocking fees. I just hope newspapers don't fall by the wayside too quickly.


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Hmmmm lets see...

Ebay Australia
StudentBargains.com.au (I think that was the site) xD

Dominos Pizza

Mostly tech stuff, and pizza on the days i'm feeling lazy lol


Just buying from regular places,but always checking with who may have it listed at Google Product Search so I can use Google checkout and get free shipping too.