Weekend Open Forum: Where do you get your entertainment?

By Matthew · 69 replies
Jun 4, 2010
  1. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ..

    @ 1st was quite hesitant in replying here, but OK why not .... let's not be hypocrite!

    when i was younger (that was long ago LOL), still at school, i had a lot of games which i bought from 1 of the rare PC games & software shop (on diskettes), the price wasn't really high but not cheap either, the only problem, there were no legit software available & till now hasn't change that much.

    I did change! I feel it's stealing to own pirated contents, even if i do still own a few items (music/games/movies) from my past life, i've gone through an almost 180 degrees turn.

    i listen to music off streaming site & buy original CDs ONLY, I play on the PS3 & my PC games are from steamy site & alike. I watch movies in HD & TV series on Sat, i bought a few DVDs & blu-rays after watching the same in theaters.

    The Internet is now my legal source of entertainment, it cost me more but i feel happy with it.

    I never finished any games i got illegally in the past, had too many & not enough time, or maybe didn't feel the real value for got them either for nothing (from friends) or too cheap.

    It's since i buy my stuffs that i really enjoy them. I don't blame people still downloading, it's still too early to get everyone join the right side, but i'll advise to anyone, if you can do buy legit. I understand it's hard for students & those having no fixed revenue. I'm not that rich, no i'm not even rich, who knows tomorrow maybe i'll be so. I'm rich in experience & i can say with confidence that paying for what we like even in special bargain sales, it pays off with time for all parties.

    some hints: go for steamy, direct2drive or Good ol games promos, i also buy old PC magz with full games for ONLY Rs60 (1.77 US$) - i know i won't really play them, but it fills my need to have a lot of games.

    I use freewares & portable apps & some apps come with the hardware i purchase.

    Music & movies are the only i need to totally convert, i'm re-purchasing a few albums & blu-rays, but can't get rid of old illegal stuffs until i replace them all.

    So whatever you do, as long as you can live with it, too good but if you really like something, believe me it's worth owning it & feel the pride when saying it.

  2. captaincranky

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    With that being said, is it reasonable to expect any kind of reciprocity from a manufacturer. Or would it be wishful or idealistic thinking to do so? Basically the question is this, if everybody stopped stealing a company's merchandise, would the company be willing to accept a lower profit margin on more units sold?

    This is at the heart of these discussions. And it's very easy to be cynical about any benevolence to be had from big business. It would break the cycle, but who would have to make the first move, and what would likely be the response. The people at the top of businesses tend to be detached, and extremely greedy. Perhaps the "non-paying" customer is "always right". Thorny concept indeed. I'm old and jaded both, and I believe that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, it just happens a whole lot faster nowadays.

    I think that Redbox is the harbinger of a Utopian entertainment era being ushered in. I mean really, the movie studios will take 20 bucks from you for a movie that isn't worth sitting half way through once. For a dollar though, you really don't feel so cheated, dirty, or violated.

    So then, to bring this back to topic, I get my feature films from Redbox. I buy actual CDs, and watch OTA broadcast TV. Then there's the constant bickering at Techspot, I enjoy that a great deal too.
  3. red1776

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    Good points, a couple of thoughts on that from my experience anyway. I added an edit right before you posted Cap about theft restricting competition, and limiting choice. I don't think they would do it out of the kindness of their hearts no. but competition would require them to. I also believe ( having lived it for so many years that yes they would take a smaller profit margin per unit in trade of higher volume) and reduced theft would lower production cost of each individual unit as well. It would take a while to reverse no doubt as the kitty has already been let out of the burlap in that $50 or $60 threshold has been set for a premier new title, However i have yet to see in 26 years where it hasn't worked. Its like whats his nuts said. "Abstinence works every time its tried" not my favorite theme... but you get the picture.
    hehe, I think whoever invented the redbox is a marketing genius.
  4. SSaywell

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    I have to say that I do download a fair amount via torrents like Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS: LA, House although I really don't know why because I could watch all these programs on TV via my Sky subscription but I like being able to watch it when I want but I could do that by using Sky Player (There VOD service) so I really have no idea why I do download it. I always buy games for my PC and PS3. Movies, well I am subscribed to a movie rental service, I used to have it where i was allowed one at a time but as many as I want a month but now I just get 2 per month, I also use the PS3's movie rental service (I pay the same for 2 DVDs a month as I do to watch one on PS3) and I also download some movies less legitimate ways (Keep them as long as you want and cheaper).
  5. I used to download everything,years ago,when I was a teenager.I have seen the light and buy my video games through retail or steam,and either buy music as CD's or listen to it on spotify.

    Pirating games on PC is a piece of cake and I can see why it happens so often,its usually just a case of downloading the game and applying the crack.As I have so many games which I have bought for PC, I don't like putting the CD/DVD in all the time,in this case I will download "No-DVD" cracks from GameCopyWorld.

    As for TV shows etc,I either buy it on DVD cheaply,by looking for the best bargains online etc or I can get my mates to lend me their stuff,if they have TV shows as a AVI file,I don't mind them giving me a copy and playing it on my Xbox 360 or PS3.I do not see anything wrong with that,especially as its TV shows I usually get this way.

    I too agree with Red,the companies have to claw the money back somewhat,which makes you feel furious as a legitimate buyer.
  6. gobbybobby

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    I pirate games I have once allready owned. EG I lost my Rollercoaster tyoon 2 disk. I torrent it Seems fair as I bought it. Now with the Sims 2 I thought £20 per expantion pack was too much. So I Bought Univerciry, Pirated Nightlife, Bought Pets pirated the Holiday One. So my Sims 2 copy was only Half legal LOL.

    I too have Never Bought a Song. I used to Download it all, now I use Spotify. Did use Spotify Premium for a few months, but 3G coverage where I lived bad so I could not sue it on Mobile very well, and I got no money being a student.

    All my Games I buy on Steam, my most recent Purchase was the Defence Grid DLC, Alpha Protocol and I might buy Shatterd Horizones while Its half price. I have a PS3/Xbox360 neither are cracked buy all Games Legit for them.

    TV, as I have a SKy TV subscription I do not see the difference between torrenting the programs and recording them with SKy +. (Ok I do download it in HD and don't have sky HD) If there was a TV service that ran off adverts (IE u watched a 60 second Add before it starts like youtube) I would use it. I want to watch the full season of the Big band Theory. But its not on http://www.seesaw.com/ (as it aired on Channel 4) So Im gonna torrent it. I love the show but being a student with little/ no money I just cannot afford that.

    I am a computer Games design Student so know how Piracy Effects the Games Industry, Y developers have switched to console. Activision are a bad company. EA are a bad company Tho have got better recently. But I also think People blaim piracy for too much/ I hate it when a really **** game is released and everyone pirates it instead of paying the full £30 to see what its like and the dev goes ''0h clearly piracys fault it not sold well''

    Game devs work hard on there games, But if its **** its ****. Nothing you can do excecpt Patch some of it, but damage is done as people don't review games again after they been patched.
    Plz do not Flame My opinions.
  7. ET3D

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    Movies and TV: I used to get them on DVD's when I was single. Since I married I get them on cable.
    Music: Never was all that much into music. I occasionally buy a CD, and even more rarely buy a downloadable song. That's because few online music services support Israel.
    Games: I buy at online stores, often on Steam sales, but I also have a decent size collection from Big Fish Games (casual store). I don't play much these days.
  8. Here in Suriname ( South America) everything is downloaded illegal and sold in stores just like that and still its legal in this country. you name it music, games, pirate movies just everything can be found in almost every store here. new title games are sold for SRD35 thats like $11. new movies on dvd for just SRD5 thats not even $2 and a music (mp3) cd with all the song you want on it for just $5.
  9. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    Ok Guys, I Guess I should add my 2 Pennys in? (see i'm from England ;)

    I have knowingly pirated music, But before anyone hurts me, it was the newest "Seether" Album and i loved his first one so wanted to check this one out, it was awesome! so the next day went to HMV and Brought the CD. The only other Thing I have Pirated is "World of Goo" mainly because a friend kept raving about it but from what i could see on the net it didn't look that great but again sure enough it was awsome and I went and bought the game for 7p.

    I own many games on PC, Xbox 360 and ps2. I am 17 years old (about to hit 18 in 27 days!) and my family is not what i would call "Rich" instead, the day i decided I wanted to build a computer and I went and got a paperround, after that I now have a full career in IT and have done since i was 16!

    Anyone who blames it on being poor have nothing to say except they are lazy sh*ts that cannot be bothered to get a job and actually make something of themselves.

    I can go from being poor in a small house with my parents and owning practically nothing, to finally buying the games and content I want, why can't you?

    I Live in High Wycombe (Just outside London) and here i know plenty of people who Pirate, and I have warned them that laws are coming in to stop them, yet they take no notice, Even though its my best friend, i cannot wait for him to get caught!
  10. JDoors

    JDoors TS Rookie Posts: 62

    Movies: Mostly DVD's through Netflix.

    While I have an HD computer monitor, it's unwatchable compared to my home theater -- used to buy the DVD's of movies I love, don't know if there's been no movies I love, if I'm satisfied with rentals, or if I just got out of the habit, but I don't buy DVD's any more.

    Music: Buy.

    Only a few are worth full price, mostly I buy when I can get it cheap (read: online). I spend so much time on this (darned) computer I almost always listen to music though the computer (have a pretty good system).

    Games: Haven't played games in a long time (X-Box was my last system, but the Sega Genesis was the last one I played religiously).

    I bought games 'cause there was no other option then. Never played PC games. When I WAS playing games, I always had an out-dated computer -- now that I have a state-of-the-art system, I don't play games. :\
  11. captaincranky

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    By all means then, enjoy it while you can. The DMCA is a international law. For those areas who do not yet subscribe to it, you can bet that efforts are under way to curtail the availability of illegal materials, Either from the source, or via threats or enticements to you government. Basically, what we can do to you if you don't comply, versus what we will offer you if you will. Or, as we used to describe this, "the carrot or the stick".

    Suriname is a small country, and probably hasn't been identified as an, "emerging market", as of yet. Or if it has, there are likely others with a higher priority.
  12. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,006   +2,532

    Don't you mean, "two pence"? Or perhaps. "tuppence"?

    In my neighborhood, the people are only too happy to make something of themselves. That would be petty crack dealers. Some days Burty, I just don't know where they find any customers. Oh well, maybe on an off day, they sell to each other.
    Doesn't it even bother you a bit when you realize, a portion of your discretionary entertainment dollar is either going up Lindsay Lohan's nose, or helping to defray the legal costs she generates?
  13. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    No actually, what does p*ss me off more is that I pay hefty Tax for my bum of a friend to go go into education when I know full well that he wants to be a Bum and do nothing, he has already told me!

    That hurts more than knowing he will get caught eventually, he is way to stupid to actually cover his downloading, hell i bet his ISP (BT) already track him often because he is downloading almost constantly!

    And I did mean 2 PENCE! :p
  14. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,006   +2,532

    You betcha Burty. And when you factor in Lindsay's coke habit, what you're left with is the warm afterglow of being serially victimized. I've always thought that mailing in our taxes, or having them taken out of our pay, is way too impersonal. Better we should put them on the dresser, with a single rose, and have the government pick them up when it's done with us.
  15. Actually they do, and we all know that. They know those games are favourites among gamers like us, and when Diablo 3 is out.. you'll see if what we were saying is true..
  16. As it stands I pirate about 80% of content for the simple reason it's easier. Even if I like something and go out and buy it then I will download the ripped version so I don't have to stuff around with DVDs etc. Blu-Ray is a classic example, it's a PAIN to play them but double click on the MKV file and away it goes. I am happy to pay for what I watch but give it to me in a way that isnt hard to deal with.

    That last point is moot anyway, 80% of the stuff I pirate is typically because it doesn't come out here for 3-12 months (or never) until after US. A lot of those streaming services etc just dont work here so I think piracy really is the only available method.
  17. Johny47

    Johny47 TS Rookie Posts: 157

    I've never 'pirated' games, movies or music that I really like just asked my sister do download some songs that I think are cool(but not great, usually reminding me of something in a movie or a game) from something called limewire.

    I get my movies from online stores like Amazon and Play.com mostly, same with games and music mostly from iTunes but much prefer CD than digital download.

    But in future, and I really hope Ubisoft somehow reads this - if they keep going with their absolute garbage anti-piracy thing(need to be connected to the internet to play flippin single player) then I WILL be Jack Sparrowing their PC games from now on =P

    In my opinion that is the only bad thing about Splinter Cell Conviction on PC.
  18. Wendig0

    Wendig0 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,136   +131

    I stream Netflix movies on my PS3. Games- Well I pretty much only play World of Warcraft at the moment, other than that I go to Gamestop and buy used PS3 titles. As far as music is concerned, I used to download via limewire, yet recently discovered the kick *** awesomeness of Zune Pass on my zune hd.
  19. Hmm... looks like you can't quote as a guest, so I just have to do it manually.

    Quote Burty117:
    I own many games on PC, Xbox 360 and ps2. I am 17 years old (about to hit 18 in 27 days!) and my family is not what i would call "Rich" instead, the day i decided I wanted to build a computer and I went and got a paperround, after that I now have a full career in IT and have done since i was 16!

    Anyone who blames it on being poor have nothing to say except they are lazy sh*ts that cannot be bothered to get a job and actually make something of themselves.

    I can go from being poor in a small house with my parents and owning practically nothing, to finally buying the games and content I want, why can't you?

    I Live in High Wycombe (Just outside London) and here i know plenty of people who Pirate, and I have warned them that laws are coming in to stop them, yet they take no notice, Even though its my best friend, i cannot wait for him to get caught!

    *clap clap clap*

    I hope you are really proud of yourself, your great career achievements and the unfathomable amount of wisdom that you have collected in the 17... correction... almost 18 years that you have been kind enough to grace us all with. Your friend is truly a blessed person to have someone like you waiting for him to be caught. That is the epitome of great friendship and patience.


    This is the omniscient answer that I have been waiting for. I thank thee from the bottom of my heart. I have been wrong all along it would appear. I have autism, recurrent depression and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). There are days where I physically cannot even go shopping although the shops are less than 10 minutes from where I live. I have been forced to give up something as simple as casually raiding once a week in World of Warcraft because of the cognitive impairment that comes along with the ME. I could go on for ages about the limitations that I face every second as a result of these conditions, but it matters not. As you so eloquently put it, I am nothing but a poor lazy sh*t that cannot be bothered to get a job and actually make something of myself. Again, thank you for the enlightenment. I shall now go find a job. I am not picky, so surely there must be someone willing to hire someone as capable as me.

    Thank you...

    Thank you...

    Sarcasm aside, I am glad that I live in a country where being disabled still means having enough to maintain a roof over my head, buy decent clothing, eat healthy food and still leave me with enough for a few luxury items. However, as witnessed above, I do get mildly upset when uneducated people come barging in claiming to be all knowing and that people who are poor are just too lazy to get a job and use that as an excuse for pirating. If -only- things were -that- simple... but at least I got some entertainment out of posting a response :)

    As much as I would love to, a job is out of the question. I tried and failed. That was before the ME entered the picture, which turned a difficult situation into pure Hell on Earth. So I'm stuck with what I have and must accept that. The end result of that is that I have too many hours to kill and not a whole lot of money to kill them with. That makes pirating almost impossible to avoid. I try to keep it at a minimum though, because it just isn't the way to go however you twist, spin and turn it, nor is it much of a valid excuse. I know what I'm doing is wrong. It's just that there are times where I find that I have little choice.

    Thankfully, MMOs are great time wasters at $15 per month and it's often possible to get some really good special offers on Steam if you're patient. There are also plenty of net based radio stations and free music made by hobby musicians. YouTube is always good for a laugh and a you can easily find a truckload of websites with fun or interesting stuff to surf through. Movies and TV series I don't care much for to begin with. As a result, I've found very little need to pirate and I'm estimating that I've spend somewhere between $500 to $1000 so far this year on things that I could have easily pirated. Not bad for a poor lazy old slob ;)

    Of course... all that money came from working taxpayers... so who is really paying in the end? Ah... crap eh? :(

  20. If you think that piracy is why games cost $60 then you are crazy. Its all greed on the side of gaming companies. I look back to windows 98 days when UT, Quake and many others offered countless hours of play, no 3 gig patches, connected to servers 90% of time (when most of us had 1mb dsl)!
    Diablo, Starcraft, Command and conquer all worked out of the box and did not need huge patches...oh and guess what else all these games were under $50! I am a huge gamer and can count on my hand how many people know how to pirate pc games. Most gamers buy the games. Every since EA and other huge companies took over games have sucked and got more expensive. Do not blame it on piracy

  21. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    Mate, i wasn't offending you, So you CAN'T get a job? really? and if you don't have the money don't Pirate. Simple as that, no one in their right mind HAVE the urge to Pirate, its not Crack for Christ sake! delete bit torrent or Vuze or what ever you use. take away any means of pirating if need be and see if your still breathing in the morning...(24 hours later) YOU are breathing! well now you wern't as addicted to Piracy as i first thought.

    Anyway as you said last "who is paying for it last". Tax payers like me, Now don't get me wrong, i don't mind my tax going to people with disabilitys or education or anything like that, but its people like you I hate it going to, someone who, yes unfortunately, has a disability yet you completely backstab people like myself and millions of others out their (my Girlfriends ex's mum had a mental issue stopping her from working but she never spent her disability allowance pirating and playing games) and you even seem happy about it?! Its people like you that give everyone else a bad name.

    Now i'm not coming in pretending i know all, but i haven't exactly started off great in life either, as you can see i'm crap at spelling, hell your better than me at spelling! Anyway i'm (nearly) 18 yet i can already see Pirating is wrong and what its doing to our games industry (I will always remember getting red alert 2 and it installed and just worked! unlike most of todays games). Why not stop the Pirating, stop getting all upset by 17 year olds and just save up for games, music etc...

    Although your right about things like WoW offering basically unlimited playability for a cheap price every month and Steam once offered the orange box for £5!!!! thats just an insane amount of game(s) for such a low price!
  22. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    And I am a good friend, I warned him that the law will catch up with him sooner or later and he has done nothing to Heed my Warning! best of luck to him is all i can say :)
  23. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    It obviously not responsible for all $60 of the price. But to think that that piracy does not add to the cost of goods and services is plain false. and to believe it does not is preposterous.

    Geezus, your serious ey? okay, gee I'm not sure but that might have been due to the entire games being a total of 300 megabytes,much less detailed,realistic,and sophisticated.
    and BTW what games are there exactly that have required 3 gigabyte patches?

    really!? you personally know 2-5 people who know how to crack the code and steal them? How do you know that they know how to pirate games?....thanks for making my point.

    Geez, you make this too easy. It wasn't my assertion that "most steal" them. But guess what!? that 'less than 50%" who don't......cost people like me who actually pay for them.

    Whats great about this is that in a free country they get to ask whatever price they want, and if you don't like the product, or don't think its worth the 'asking' price....you have the option of not buying it!
    oh i believe I will, because its true.
  24. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ...

    WOW, it's always wonderful to see how we react to such 'hot' topic :p

    we need to face it:

    - $60 for a game isn't expensive when you consider the work done, millions of originals are still sold & we are not afraid to buy something we like, whether it be of great quality or not. Go check the sales figures!

    - I used to have illegal copies at a time where there were no internet & could only buy from the few shops who themselves were selling pirated contents. Since the government of my country changed the laws, we now have more & more legal stores & the pirates are being sued & jailed. I buy from the net for better price & choice, i can say that in my part of the world piracy is mostly due to the lack of supply versus a great demand & at some point even a lack of legislation mix with some ignorance.

    - to those using piracy with pretexts, like i'm poor, no job, with disabilities, i'm a student, etc ... if you look harder you will find that some games are really cheap. OK i understand you want the newest games ASAP, believe me with some efforts you may get what you want easily, try do some online jobs like data entry or text redaction, i've seen so much that i'm sure everyone can make it. There's even some gaming sites that sell 1 game @ a real low price / week & gives some cash back voucher on sales or on referral links. I know someone who's blind & who works on the net, so i'm sorry for those who have some limitations, but not only to fight piracy but for everything else, go that extra mile (au figuré bien sur!) ...

    I'm so happy i can call myself an Ex-pirate, still maybe i never was for like said previously, i never finished a game before, now it's more than a necessity. I rarely listen to music, except on radio, now on streaming site & do buy a few albums locally or online, i watch TV & go to theaters, buy original blu-rays & play mostly on PS3. On PC it's for the wify, but i get most of her games off myplaycity which is legit & some are cheap enough off steam, GoG, etc ...

    piracy can be eliminated, with willpower it can be done. I thank SONY for considering developers & releasing a reliable & secured system, Steam & alike (D2D/GoG) for providing a really great platform for PC gamers & so often at the best price around, myplaycity for the freewares & certainly you people, for you are aware of what you are doing & most are willing to stay on the right side.

  25. If piracy effects the retail price then why are ps3 games not cheaper?
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