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Weekend Open Forum: Your must have browser extensions

By Jos ยท 43 replies
Feb 6, 2015
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  1. Modern browsers can add all sorts of functionality beyond their stock feature set through the use of extensions. From security enhancements, to productivity-centric tools, utilitarian plug-ins for all sorts of niches and more. But while there are a few well-known...

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  2. Nima304

    Nima304 TS Evangelist Posts: 379   +131

    AdBlock and HTTPS Everywhere. Everyone knows about AdBlock, but HTTPS Everywhere (or HTTPS Anywhere on Firefox) is a plugin that forces encrypted sessions to websites that support SSL/TLS. Absolutely love it.
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  3. Experimentongod

    Experimentongod TS Maniac Posts: 293   +124

    I use Firefox, my extensions:

    Adblock Plus
    Add to Search Bar -> Fast and easy way to create your own custom search providers
    Double Click Closes Tab -> Self explanatory (I use double right click)
    Enhanced Steam -> Self explanatory
    Hola Better Internet -> VPN, to avoid getting gouged on digital game prices
    Undo Closed Tabs Buton -> Self explanatory
    YouTube Center -> Enhances the YouTube experience (auto HD, auto pause videos, easy download, etc.)
  4. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 3,818   +3,209

    For people who shop online, camelizer and invisibleHand are both great. You can get the past price of the product and the cheapest online price without having to do anything.
  5. JohnCB

    JohnCB TS Booster Posts: 118   +63

    Privacy Badger -> Forcefully block cookies & domains (By EFF)
    HTTPS Everywhere -> Force HTTPS As much as possible (by EFF)
    Disconnect -> Block Tracking objects, advertising, etc
    uBlock -> Lightweight Advertising Filter
    Stylish -> Cosmetic tweaks to customize sites
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  6. AdBlock Plus has been officially replaced with uBlock, it's much better.
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  7. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,439   +862

    Must haves:

    BetterTTV (twitch)
    Magic Actions for YouTube
    Google Search Preview
  8. AdBlock Plus and Firebug
  9. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 8,198   +1,257

    Lastpass, Turn off the lights and User Agent Switcher. Firebug was a must-have but since switching to Chrome a couple of years ago, the built-in inspect element is simply better.
  10. Blkm0nk3y92

    Blkm0nk3y92 TS Member Posts: 69

    Chrome to Phone: Click the button in the top right of your browser and it opens whatever webpage you have open on your PC, on your phones chrome right away.
  11. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 2,625   +2,364

    Stop posting bulls**t.

    Firefox must-haves include:

    Adblock Plus
    Add BookMark Here
    Classic Theme Restorer
    Lazarus Form Recovery
    HTTPS Everywhere
    Self-Destructing Cookies
    Place's Full Titles 4
    Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar
  12. Scott Elsdon

    Scott Elsdon TS Rookie

    All remove adblock plus. Install ublock.
  13. hitech0101

    hitech0101 TS Guru Posts: 449   +35

  14. tomkaten

    tomkaten TS Maniac Posts: 247   +164

    My Chrome extensions right now:

    Adguard - Adblock
    Checker Plus for Gmail - webmail
    Downloadr - to get rid of the horrible download bar
    EagleGet Downloader - for multithreaded downloading
    Magic Actions for Youtube - can't live without it
    smartUp Gestures - Newly discovered, clean gestures and super drag. Testing it, works great.
    Undirect - Hate those Google tracking links and redirects
    ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN - awesome VPN.
  15. Alpha Gamer

    Alpha Gamer TS Evangelist Posts: 357   +119

    Youtube Center - the second coming of Jesus
    Enhanced Steam - the name says it all
    Grease Monkey
  16. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,286

    AdBlock, RSS Feed Reader, AdBlock, Ghostery, AdBlock, AVG DNT, AdBlock, Save To Google Drive, AdBlock, Send Link With Gmail, AdBlock.
    I hope I didn't forget to mention mention AdBlock as well? I couldn't live without it. :D
    I wouldn't waste my time with ABP, that things a sham, you can still get a ton of ad's no matter how you set it up.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
  17. The following are not on Chrome - so I stick with Firefox
    Saved Password Editor
    Master Password Timeout (makes Saving Passwords secure)
  18. TekGun

    TekGun TS Booster Posts: 163   +30

    Well some of us prefer Add blockers that don't take payment from ad agencies to allow their adds through.
    FF addons:

    Zoom Page
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  19. drjekelmrhyde

    drjekelmrhyde TS Evangelist Posts: 319   +106

    I love Adblock edge
  20. pioruns

    pioruns TS Enthusiast Posts: 27   +7

    I am using on my Firefox:

    LastPass - password manager
    Adblock Plus - blocks adverts
    WOT - shows warnings on scam/phishing/fraudalent websites, based on Web of Trust, where users rate/flag inappropriate websites
    Privacy Badger Firefox- blocks tracking cookies
    NoScript - blocks javascript and other objects by default on all websites, you add whitelists to it so you can browse websites you trust
    FireGestures - mouse gestures to open/close tab, go to next tab, etc, very useful :)
    Calomel SSL Validation - checks SSL certificate of website and shows warning if something is wrong with it
    Lightbeam - new amazing addon from Mozilla Foundation, to visualize a tree-structure of third party websites who track you. (link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/lightbeam/)

    With this set of add-ons I am much feeling better on Internet. And also, I don't have Java or Flash at all.

  21. pioruns

    pioruns TS Enthusiast Posts: 27   +7

    Consider using LastPass or other similar Password Manager instead.
  22. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 989   +66

    Adblock edge - similar to adblockplus but without the merciful "allow-non-intrusive-ad mode"
    flashgot - for quickly saving youtube videos or using download manager
    anonymox - free proxy for sites that says "your IP has been banned"

    prefer not running too much extension on my firefox.
  23. Nobina

    Nobina TS Evangelist Posts: 1,845   +1,351

    I only use uBlock and Disconnect right now. Adblock and Plus version are getting paid by Google, MS etc... to let their ads pass through, so what's the point of using them then?
  24. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,376   +72

    I know we shouldn't all use adblock, but did you ever see the internet without it? Try to explain to my mother how to use it that way, and as my sight is failing it is hard to determine where to click to get rid of some ads. And the viruses you get. It's mostly google's fault for the viruses as they run double click, etc. I got one the other day that played a recording telling me to call a number to disinfect. I think I got it thru adove flash.
  25. SirGCal

    SirGCal TS Maniac Posts: 365   +138

    Only in Chrome which I don't use... uBlock isn't available in other flavors.

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