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Weekend tech reading: 10 reasons not to buy an iPad for students

By Matthew ยท 28 replies
Jul 24, 2011
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  1. This isnt to knock apple, I'm addressing tablets as a whole when I say, seriously what is the point?

    What are they for? Show me some REAL justification for all that money they cost?

    Minigames? Please, im a frikkin gamer, if I wanna play games Im not gonna giggle to myself while flinging birds across a 2D landscape, Im gonna stick to my console thats what its for.

    Media? hmmm, I can do that with my phone......and that was free!

    Pictures? again see above.....

    Calender......see above

    Work.....nope I cant use it for work....well I can but it takes way longer than just booting up my laptop which was also cheaper by the way.

    I really want a shiny tablet, but I just cant see a way of justifying the cost. Every time I see someone with one I just think...MUG!
  2. Relic

    Relic TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,379   +16

    I agree with most here that this could easily be applied to all tablets and not just the iPad. His summary of them being accessories more then productivity tools is nevertheless a valid point. Something most of the public and big media seems to not get.

    In terms of summer break for kids it is ending, however seasonally we have couple months to go :) .
  3. DokkRokken

    DokkRokken TS Rookie Posts: 267

    Pen and paper. I've found anything else to be inferior for proper note-taking, save for an audio recorder as a supplement. It was after class that I would transcribe notes onto my laptop to help me review and study.

    First year post-secondary students just need some good pens, solid binders, and a few packages of loose-leaf. Tablets just take uselessness to a new high. (low?)
  4. >It's Expensive

    The initial cost is expensive, but then again (having used Android nook color myself), it is a much more polished/finished product, and there are many more "native" tablet apps for it than android.
    Then again computers used to cost $2000 back in the day, for about $350-$499 Apple refurb store/Craigslist it's not a bad deal really. Trust me, frakking around with Nook color and various "rootkits" was no fun. I got tired of doing the distro swap dance, a tablet product should really be ready to go and have native apps. I ended returning the nook color for ipad.

    >It's Not the Best Solution for Note-Taking or Editing Documents
    True on initial use, but then again you get used to it and adapt. You can also be like me and use many third party covers with "built-in" keyboards. So it folds open like a netbook. Again not an issue really with Kensington Folio covers,

    >It's Too Distracting (With all the Games, Apps, 4Gs, Web-Browsing, Twitters, and IMs)
    Yes I agree it can become distracting. But in college sometimes you need a little realxation/distraction just to keep yourself sane and chillaxin, Just be sure to allocate time wisely. And don't forget college life is about meeting people (perhaps your spouse) and yes there's an app for that! :)

    >It's Ultra-Portable and Ultra-Droppable
    True but so are many other electronic devices. I would think after you shekk iut more $$$, you would be more apt to be "careful" when carrying around an iPad not less.

    >What Makes it Desirable to your Kid is What Makes it Desirable to Criminals
    True, but then again criminals don't differentiate when they break into your house, They take that which has possible immediate value, And because ipad is new, it holds more value.

    >It's Meant for the Enjoyment of One Person, Which Means Social Seclusion
    I would say yes, i really wish the ipad had support for multiple user profiles via logins.
    I hope win8 tablets will have multiple profile support. As for social exclusion, again portion control yourself (as with any other electronic device).

    >Digital Text Books are a Marvel, but There's No Secondary Market
    True, however there are many "free" ebooks you can get with the right app, and certain ebook apps allow you to "borrow" public library ebooks/audio books and loan them unto the ipad.

    >It's a Status Symbol, Plain and Simple
    I think any or all hot products become status symbols by accident. It's not until you actually use it and find benefits that it becomes more than a satus symbol, but something you actually find useful.

    >It'll Already be Old Technology by the Time You Buy It
    To be fair Apple products have had good resale and high usefulness value, even years after introduction. I bought my kids a used 2nd gen ipod touch for $100 and it takes the place of psp, dvd, and internet device (cartoon network app) in one shot. Best investment ever. Of course I do disable certain apps and monitor their usage like any parent should. ipod or any electronic device does not take precedence on family outings and social gatherings.

    >They'll Also Want a Laptop, Too
    Most definitely you need a laptop for more productive stuff. But you'll find like I have, an iPad is just another PC like form factor, and it has it's pros and cons like any device. It actually is fun to use and fun to wrangle and discover some productive features out it. I have my outlook synced to my ipad and use teamviewer on ipad to control my laptop/desktop at home.

    Again an iPad IS NOT a computer replacement, however it IS a computing replacement. Abd for those quick gotta do it now casual use, iPad fits the bill.

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