Weekend tech reading: Anonymous breaches US government sites

By Matthew · 62 replies
Aug 7, 2011
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  1. ramonsterns

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    I was referring to one of the earlier posts, Mr. NotReading.
  2. Honestly if anonymous wanted to help out the people of the world, it would hack, and cause widespread damage to a ton of over powered governments such as Libya, Syria, Russia, Yemen etc. Unfortunately you can tell that they are just Western Hating script kiddies sitting at home like the ultimate dude on South Park's World of Warcraft Episode. Seriously Anonymous, do us a favor and shut down Fox News around the globe.
  3. Burty117

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    I'm confused? What the hell did Techspot do? it was just a comment made by TomSEA??
  4. treetops

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    They went to far on this one. Why hack the police that serve and protect us? I thought anom had more class then this.

    If they limited food stamps to only basic food like porridge or whatever it is orphans eat in those old timey stories we would have way less people on food stamps. If you want you could buy nothing but kit kats with food stamps. Seriously though, like flour, cooking oil noodles simple stuff. As it stands right now I'd bet at least a fourth of food stamps are sold to other people.

    The internet deal I would think is for the children, I'm guessing the internet is incorporated in homework projects nowadays. Not everyone lives near a public library, but I bet any project needing the internet for school children can be done at school.

    We cannot just let people die off but there are a few things we can do to minimize the corruption. Lower the quality of care they receive to the essentials. Perhaps even setup mandatory government jobs for them, like splitting rocks, picking up trash on the roads. Require them to work X amount of hours a week to help pay for there care. Those physically able of course. If they don't show up there food should be even more basic. That would make them want to get a real job and stop mooching off the government.

    Food stamps= Basic food supplies
    Housing + Welfare= No money, small apartment like housing facilities, toilet paper, tooth paste soap the basics.
    Medical= The basics, no gold teeth?

    @ capt
    Really free phones that's nuts.

    @guest they shutdown the Egyptian government for a few days during the worst of the protests. And I believe they attacked at least one of the countries you mentioned as well.
  5. captaincranky

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    I have a life, more so than you have a name.

    It suddenly occurred to me, (quite a while back actually), that a person needs to be here constantly, to find out whether I have, or am going to comment.

    So, at the very least, you're a lost soul trying to hang onto the coattails of someone you claim has no life. The pot calls the kettle black, as it desperately follows the kettle around, looking for scraps to call its own.

    But, since you never add any content to the thread, I'll just acknowledge one more guest troll in my "fan club".

    In reality, you're more of a parasite than a troll. But, silly me, I've said too much.
  6. dividebyzero

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    You've checked the nutritional values for flour, cooking oil and noodles ?
    That sounds like hard labour* .Question: What hourly rate would you deem commensurate with breaking rocks in Arizona during summer ?
    Maybe give them bright orange jumpsuits so that they are visible to passing drivers?

    Change splitting rocks (why do rocks need splitting?) and DoC work for community farm/produce schemes, where workers have an incentive to work ( fresh produce, profit-share for surpluses ) and I could see the point...I could also see fast-food, produce combines, and chain store conglomerates lobbying government howling about losing market share. The other problem is something like this smacks of socialism...which would be bound to agitate at least half the population, and sweep Glenn Beck into the White House (Rush Limbaugh as VP?)
    Even more basic than flour, flour (noodles), oats and oil ?
    I have a suspicion that people who are forced to live at a subsistance level might end up becoming a more sizeable burdon on the health system. Of course if the employment opportunities are numerous then the outcome need not be so dire.

    * captain...a new vocation could await....gunbull on the streets of PA !
  7. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,012   +2,536

    Right, exchange a soft touch ultra liberal, for a oxycodone addled sociopath. That indeed would be American knee jerk politic's "finest hour". Although if Rush campaigned on a "final solution" to government handouts, I might be persuaded to vote for him

    Well, at least that would be different than it is now, but I doubt it would be worse. The cattle over here have already eaten themselves into states of needing major overhauls. The litany of diseases brought on morbid obesity are rampant. Many of them are too fat to go to the doctor, (or claim they are), so at home medical care is provided. Therefore, the health care system is already ruined, but when it is spun as "an economic uptick in the service sector, it's greeted as, "good news". As the greater of two evils, I'm gonna say, "sitting on your fat a** smoking reefer, and stuffing your face with potato chips, is worse for all concerned. That's the individual, the taxpayers, and the health care system, in case in failed to clarify that point until now.

    Don't be silly you! The job opportunities are all in China. Americans spend their way to prosperity by kicking back and printing more money. Haven't you read, seen, or heard the news?
  8. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,073   +219

    @Divided, the foods item I listed were just examples that's why I included the etc. As far as wages they would get paid nothing, they would earn there food and board. Use some imagination for god sakes. What do you want me to write out list of all the food items they should be ideally able to buy? Just like the food items the job description were as you guessed examples. I skimmed over what I wrote earlier and these points are obvious. I hope your arguing because you like to argue if not I don't what to tell you. Good day.
  9. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,264

    So, signs like this aren't an aberration then? More a nationwide indicator?
    Dire indeed. Somewhat different to what takes place here....Small towns with one major employer (primary produce-meat/fruit etc, secondary market- fleece, further processed produce -canned/frozen). Major employer relocates or goes under due to being undercut by imports (or exports banned by protectionist economies i.e. U.S.). Wholesale unemployment, town economy dies (shades of U.S. coal and steel mills I presume). Small country with limited opportunities (esp. for the actual production of goods -farming/harvesting/food process/building/construction). Choices: Sell up and move to another country (Hello Aussie neighbour), or if unable to do so, retraining for a sector that hopefully can provide work (Huge percentage of population have tertiary education. Country now has enough doctors and nurses to qualify as a major export -doesn't help with balance of payment figures).

    The primary difference here would likely be the (hard learned) lesson of early intervention and a bottom-up, rather than a top-down approach to restructuring education and work opportunities, with an emphasis on adaptability at a community level rather than blanket federal/state edict. The added advantage would also be that the numbers of the truly apathetic (as a percentage of the population) would seem far lower than the U.S., although far from non-existant

    Don't think of it as economic collapse, think of it as an opportunity to pare off the excess lard under a new and rigorous overlord.

    So, what you wrote I shouldn't take at face value? I should intuit and extrapolate what you really mean....but didn't write. OK. Gotcha.

    I start to see how endemic the problem is.
  10. gwailo said:
    the only way you're going to get people off welfare is to ensure that welfare is not a better alternative than being on the bottom tier of the employment scale.

    Welp, if the bottom rung of employment provides less than the government's minimum quality of life assistance failsafes then that's not a problem with welfare at all. The problem rests with the exploitation of labour that minimum wage defines: a minimum wage job barely supports one person, whilst welfare is designed to support every member of a family, from grampa to his two month old great-grandaughter.

    And as far as leaving poverty goes, family circumstances are only half the story: the institutions laughably called schools are the other half.
  11. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,012   +2,536

    You would actually have to attend a school to find out how bad it is. Truancy is also a huge problem Add student safety, as it can mitigate a child's desire to attend.

    I have a mental picture of hard core truants terrorizing would be attendees. Can you see it also?

    But the fact is, everybody blames the school or the teachers, and nobody questions the students willingness to complete the circle necessary for learning to occur. "It can't be MY child, it must be the school: Shaddup willya?
  12. The media is definitely buzzing about internet crime figures. I know this because I don't watch television, listen to the radio, or so much as randomly surf the web for a news source, and yet I continue to hear about these things in an increasingly verbose manner. I pay little heed to the media for a lot of personal reasons you probably don't care to know about.

    About this other elephant in the living room you've all decided to speak of, I could make a few points from the perspective of someone who's been fighting poverty since early adolescence, but I won't. It is better if I say that I see certain points made from both sides as sensible, but otherwise feel the need to interject the way of compromise as the ultimate in probability for obtaining a resolution to said issue. The way of moderation offered from the Master Kong's teachings will likely prevail, if applied properly and with intent to succeed.

    On the other hand, everything you've all typed that I disagree with either seemed vague, naive, or absolutely fascist, to me.
  13. Go Anon Go! ^5

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