Weekend tech reading: Crytek CEO interviewed, browser battery life face-off, TS' new video intro


TS Evangelist
It's been tough at Crytek this year. In fact, we've heard developers at the company's vast network of studios, who are responsible for the likes of first-person shooter Crysis, gory action game Ryse and, as of a month ago, Homefront: The...

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"A thousand kilobots self-assemble into complex shapes"

I had a WTF moment when I first misread this opener as, "A thousand killbots self-assemble. . ."


TS Evangelist
"Hey guys lets just shutdown justin.tv and put massive limits on twitch.tv that will make it less popular"

Lets just hope that business teachers teach that you should never follow bad business ideas like the makers of justin.tv and ruin pretty much everything you have, oh lets not forget that shutting down justin.tv makes it so you lost a gigantic amount of possibly some of the best features & code available for the live streaming project.

If I owned justin.tv & twitch.tv I would be spewing fire about these decisions, loosing a what massive chunk of revenue & user base just to concentrate on twitch.tv...


TS Evangelist
Smart tattoo generates electricity from sweat, could power future wearable computers
does this mean that one day, arm pit deodorants will be rendered obsolete as green energy become mainstream, affordable, and readily available?


TS Evangelist
They "cooked" cannabis bark into carbon nanosheets and built supercapacitors "on a par with or better than graphene" - the industry gold standard.
now we know what scientists are smoking. :)


Nigerian Prince
Why do we care so much about moore's law. Let's make processors faster.
Because we are nearing the limit of how fast we can make silicon based processors. It's not so much that we care about moores law, it's that we care about how processor technology is starting to stagnate.