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Weekend tech reading: Larry Page's comeback, a DIY 'PiPhone', Windows to go subscription-based?

By Matthew · 12 replies
Apr 27, 2014
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  1. The way Windows is developed and distributed is changing. Big releases every three years could be on the way out, replaced by regular releases and Windows subscriptions. Businesses may still be grappling with getting the user interface...

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  2. 37 Models in the new Gigabyte mobo range? The subtle differences between them, particularly their low-end offerings, are crazy. Hours of comparing models only to find that one has a HDMI port and the other DVI (for example), and sometimes the difference can't be identified at all.

    Model madness.
  3. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,092   +1,543

    "Gigabyte is prepping no fewer than 37 different models, almost all of which will be available stateside."

    That's crazy. I don't get the reasoning other than they can afford to do this during their production process. But they'll need different packaging for each, instructions, possibly even a different BIOS, so there's a lot of R&D and money invested. I don't get the need. I could see around 8 or so total, maybe 4 for enthusiasts and the other 4 for standard desktops and HTPC's.
  4. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,208   +4,877

    Where I shrug my shoulders is reading, about ATX motherboards with M.2 slots. In my mind, M.2 is a small form factor feature. Seems out of place on a large ATX board.
  5. TheBigFatClown

    TheBigFatClown TS Evangelist Posts: 742   +273

    Every new piece of information I hear about the next Windows makes me sick. A subscription based Windows operating system? *puke*.

    *sigh*. It looks like Windows on the desktop truly is dead. Windows is becoming nothing but a huge piece of worthless ******* ADWARE. Can someone recommend a good anti-virus software that will remove the next version of Windows from my system?

    Windows 9, your stop one stop shopping application. 20 years of constant, steady, forward progress to end in a ******* quagmire of consumerization called 'Windows 8'. It's sad really.

    Thanks in advance
  6. Timonius

    Timonius TS Evangelist Posts: 648   +58

    You could try Linux. And there are ways of running windows programs on a Linux OS (one being a program called WINE I believe).
  7. TheBigFatClown

    TheBigFatClown TS Evangelist Posts: 742   +273

    I really like the way Linux has evolved over the past few years. It seems much more stable, easy to install, and user friendly. I love the live versions you can boot up into straight off the flash drive with full internet support. The first version of Linux I ever did that on was Knoppix and it was very impressive. I've tried Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, and I am getting ready to try the latest version of Makulu.

    Windows has been heading straight into an iceberg for awhile now and it seems they are hell bent on hitting it. I thought with the new CEO at the helm they might go back to listening to their customers.

    Oh well, I guess the only thing I can do is wait to see what happens. I am still running Windows 7. I passed on Windows 8. I can easily do the same with Windows 9 if the pros do not outweigh the cons of upgrading. I am not going to turn my whole ******* life upside down for a new operating system because, "Hey, Look! IT BOOT FASTER!!!. LOL. Life is like a box of chocolates, you neva know what you ah gonna get!". Click-click-boom!

    Paying for service packs because Microsoft releases buggy code? Hell no. Not unless the full base operating system cost a tenth of what it used to. But the pricing alone is far from enough to win me over. So many factors. It comes down to the overall experience and ideology behind the operating system I guess. Storing all my files in the cloud? Hell no. Having to "log-in" to Windows and having it track my *** each time I do so? Hell no. The direction of Windows reminds me so much of government. Taking away more control and choice away from the people who paid for their software and trying to turn us into slaves to their code. An operating system should give you freedom, not imprison you.

    Pretty soon will be no different than a Playstation 3 where everything is locked down tighter than a maximum security prison where the user experience is akin to be prodded in the *** through a linear path with a hot stocker becuase "JULIE LARSON didn't want me to have to make any tough decisions." Thanks Julie. I love you!!! B****!!!!!

    The future of Windows will be interesting. I just don't know yet whether I will care to be a part of it....or not.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2014
  8. LOL, indeed!!! Really, your whole life turned up side? Well, Fresh prince, it seems you are easily confused and I doubt that's because of a few changes to an operating system. You don't happen to live in Bel Air do you?
    Oh, allow me to bow down to you almighty god of coding, whose code is so perfect angles sing when you type. pfft.... No one is infallible when it comes to coding, and yes, that includes Microsoft. Oh, and newsflash, their OS is a tenth of the cost it used to be. It's so cheap I bought two for original the price of Windows 7.
    Why wait? Go now, as you so obviously want to.
  9. TheBigFatClown

    TheBigFatClown TS Evangelist Posts: 742   +273

    Because they have pledged to support Windows 7 through the year 2020 so there is no hurry to go. Microsoft's game to lose...not mine. I am under no contractual obligation to buy any version of their future operating systems ever again if I so choose to decline. If they don't MAKE me want it. If they dont COMPEL me to want it then...I won't want it. So whatever they do I'll surive. Again, it's their game to lose, not mine.
  10. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,208   +4,877

    You and I are in the same boat. I'm waiting on Steam OS to rise (aka: release date) or fall before I make a decision to learn Linux.
  11. Railman

    Railman TS Booster Posts: 708   +101

    Just got my new PC build up and running and went for Windows 7. I was not amused that I accidentally updated to IE 11. Anyway I discovered how to undue the update and went to the MS website to load IE 9. I entered 'Internet Explorer 9' into search which brought up a web page with instructions on how to load IE9. This had a link to to download IE9 however the link page had the following message 'Looking for Internet Explorer 9? Good news! There's a faster, safer version of Internet Explorer for your PC—and it's free'. This only had links to IE11.

    At the bottom of the page was the following question 'Was this page helpful?'. My reply was not repeatable in polite company. I did eventually track down IE 9 download but they clearly want to put obstacles in the way.

    Just in case anyone is thinking why would someone want to install IE 9 instead of IE 11, I have a very good reason for my madness. The company my wife works for now insists that holidays etc are booked on the company Intranet. Unfortunately the Intranet only works in IE 9!
  12. I do hope you understand that this is by no means Microsoft's fault. Just like with Windows XP, they have been telling people for a long time to update. This is directly as a result of lazy company's not wanting to put in the effort to support the latest offerings. There is also a way to force IE9 which I use on all badly coded websites, but you must be running the development tools (F12) for IE11 to do it.
  13. Railman

    Railman TS Booster Posts: 708   +101

    I don't buy your argument as to me a web browser should retain backward compatibility. The company is not being lazy as they are relying on a third party software corporation namely Oracle.

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