Weekend tech reading: Origins of the "post PC" buzzword

By Matthew
Oct 14, 2012
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  1. I've been examining the whole "post PC" buzzword that everyone is using these days on the eve of the Windows 8 release. I first heard the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs use it in 2007. But then I found out...

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  2. ramonsterns

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger as Arnold Schwarzenegger as Arnold Schwarzenegger in Arnold Schwarzenegger's 8-bit Gun Rampage 3?
  3. It is interesting how the article writer totally vilifies the game designer culture. But no mention how the pyramid on the dollar bill is a rip off of the Egyptian culture. For obviously they are the ones who built it first. And no one seems to land military aid to civilians getting bombed by a tyrant government. America only steps in if they have oil ha? We free Iraq or Afghanistan but screw the Egyptians and the Libyans. They have no oil. We don't appreciate that culture and the pyramid art we ripped of for the dollar bill.

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