Weekend tech reading: Tracking vitals through a wall with Wi-Fi, an E3 roundup, Ars plays NSA


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MIT's rather fabulous Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), after using humble WiFi waves to sense movement behind a wall, has now improved its technology to the point that it can remotely -- from behind a wall in another...

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TL;DR version of E3:

Microsoft: We have games!
Sony: Microsoft is still our ***** (in 50,000 words or more).
Nintendo: We have games, too.
Ubisoft: We're Ubisoft!
EA: We've repackaged a lot of stuff for you guys; you'll be impressed.
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That China censorship article was quite interesting. Frankly, they're not that far removed from the 100% censorship experienced by North Koreans. Scary stuff to think a government can (and will) manipulate internet activities to that extent.