Weird crashes after replacing GPU

By majkinetor
Mar 15, 2008
  1. Hello.

    I desperately need help with my crashes. This is how it goes:

    At one moment my NVidia 6600 GT started to have artifacts. It was happening at first only very rarlely, once a week or so, and after a month it started just a bit more, then I realised that GPU temp is at 120C, took out the card to see that fan was melted, then I took the card to the service as it had guarntie.

    In the meantime, I borrowed ATI 9550, had troubles to install it, finaly succeded after an hour or so and it worked OK for 45 days until I got new GPU as replacement, NVidia 7600 GS.

    Now, I installed the new GPU and OS worked OK, but as I enter the game, or 3DMark, it crashes the computer (it needs between 0 up to 5 minutes to do so, usualy happens after around 1 min). One of the differences between ATI 9550 that worked OK and 7600GS is additional power needed for NVidia card. My old 6600 GT also had this extended power.

    I checked new GPU on my other computer, having exactly the same GPU (but another mobo), and everything worked ok. I returned the card back.
    I replaced my LCPower 550W with Chieftec 750W Turbo Power, but nothing
    I tested memory with memtest, seems to be OK.
    I updated my Intel Chipset
    I tried TweakForce drivers, the same.
    I tried to pull memory 1 by 1 out, nothing.
    I reinstalled DirectX
    I installed Debuging Toolkit to analyse crash dumps:
    **- Errors are: d1, a in all cases and 2 BE bug checks
    **- Checking the verbose details it shows me that it crashes almost always in different process - sysaudio, svchost, system, everest (i was measuring temp with it), psched.sys, etc...

    If anybody can help me, how and what to think about this I would be very gratefull. The only thing I didn't to is to mess with BIOS as my CPU is overclocked and I usualy have troubles to return CPU back when I update BIOS (witch is nevertheless updated before around 1y, the GPU in question was long in existance then) nor I didn't tweak any of the AGP BIOS options.

    www .
  2. majkinetor

    majkinetor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I solved the problem by desableing write combining in the Troubleshooting section.....
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