Weird screen freeze and video signal issue

By TheBigBadGRIM
Jan 28, 2013
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  1. Hey guys. I'm getting desperate here and hoping someone in the forums might be able to figure out what the hell is going on with my PC.

    Here is my system information exported from the programs Speccy and SpeedFan:


    Here is the short version of what my problem is:

    I get a screen freeze while playing games (black/red/blue screens) and one time while web browsing. Yesterday the reset button on PC responded slowly or not at all and even starting up was a problem (I was getting no video even during post screen). I don't have that problem now (although it could return), the only thing that is still bothering me are the screen freezes during gameplay.

    Now in long form, and with key facts underlined, here are the major developments since it began last night:

    - Im playing a game (Planetside 2) and suddenly the screen freezes up. I still hear sound effects and the computer looks like its running normally (fans, lights, etc.) but my monitor is showing a black screen with red lines going down the screen (like vertical scanlines). Ive never seen such a thing. My first response is to Alt+Tab+Delete out of this but the screen stays the same. The next thing I do is hit the Reset button my my computer case. To my SHOCK, there is no immediate response when I press it. I press it again and after staring at the screen in confusion the reset command seems to register a few seconds later. However, my PC doesnt perform an ordinary restart. It looks as if it powers down first before starting back up again and the I hear the sound of a computer fan(s) going real fast and super loud during startup...another unusual thing.

    - Early this morning Im playing another game (Team Fortress 2) and 3 minutes into it I get the same visual problem. This time the PC is taking too long to respond to the reset button pressing so I just hold the power button till it goes off, flip the power supply switch in the back off and on, and turn the PC back on. To my surprise, I get NO video signal now. Not even the post/bios screen. I repeat the power off steps I just mentioned and this time I wait for anything. After a minute I HEAR the windows login jingle. So I guess my PC is running fine now except for the video issue.

    - After another restart the computer and windows start up normally, YAY!!! Then while web browsing Im hit with another screen freeze (I dont remember the color of this one).

    - So far my attempts at fixing the problem have been: (1) disconnecting and video card, sound card, and RAM sticks from my motherboard and reattaching them tightly to ensure that they are not loose if they were before; (2) switching the video card connection from one DVI output to the second; (3) uninstalling the latest ATI Radeon drivers and installing the disc drivers; and (4) reinstalling the latest ATI Radeon drivers because Im getting desperate. I still have the problem.

    - Last night, I woke the computer up from Sleep Mode and found the Aero theme disabled (you know, it goes to ugly mode when video issues occur). 2 minutes later I get this screen:


    - Id like to think this is a software problem (graphics drivers) but having no video signal during post and loud fan noise before windows starts makes me think its a hardware issue Ive got. My greatest concern is not being able to figure out which hardware needs to be replaced. Im ready to upgrade my graphics card to a Geforce 660 Ti and ditch ATI for good if its a graphics card issue. Just say the word guys and Ill buy it now.

    - After getting that blue screen I restarted and it worked fine for 4 hours.

    - Today I get this screen after 3 minutes playing Planetside 2:


    - Edit: Just some important info about my GPU temperature. I immediately checked the GPU temperature after exiting Planetside 2 last night and found it at 80 degrees and cooling down to 70. It's important to know that I did have the case open for the last few hours so that was definitely a factor, but It definitely goes up during gaming. However, according to my video card manufacturer, XFX, "The normal temperature range of a video card is up to 95C under load. We expect that in most cases a card will not break the high 80s but large cards under high load can get as hot as 95C. This temperature will not damage your video card and is considered normal."

    Please help me out guys. If I don't figure out exactly what's wrong soon I'm just gonna go ahead and buy a new graphics card and hope that solves my problem.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Any updates on this?
  3. TheBigBadGRIM

    TheBigBadGRIM TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got some help from someone and I ran stress tests on FurMark for my GPU (30 minutes) and Prime95 for my CPU & RAM (13 hours). My PC showed no problems at all during those tests. However, right after the long 13-hour stress test I decided to do a quick 3DMark Vantage test............and my PC crashed 3 minutes into the test (Graphics Test #2).

    Even though I experienced strange booting issues over the weekend, with my normal temperatures and passing tests it was determined that what I have is a software issue and not a hardware issue. I've most likely got bad drivers or registry issues.

    Today I got rid of the latest ATI Catalyst drivers (by uninstalling them AND using DriveSweeper in Safe Mode) and dared to install the brand new beta drivers that released today. So far I played a game for 20 minutes with no problems AND I passed the 3DMark test. :)

    Problem solved? I'll give it 2-3 more days before making it official. My next step would be a reformat but hopefully I won't need to do that. If I don't post again, consider this a case closed! :)
  4. Tmagic650

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    Okay great! Thanks for the update:)

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