What about White Listed files?

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Aug 8, 2009
  1. Still have 8 "unhealed" white listed files infected. How do I clean them.
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    Sorry about that post being so vague I am just frustrated right now. This is a freinds PC with no AV software or firewall for over a year. Can not run a single program without some sort of problem.

    Using AVG Free 8.5 Virus scanner ended up finding i-worm/bagle.q infected every EXE file. AVG was able to "HEAL" , their terms not mine, all but 8 it had listed as WHITE Files that should not be removed. Upon restart I still get AVG message that this virus is still there with no "FIX" option.

    I am running their VCLEANER tool right now to see if this helps me out.

    I did run SAS, MB and CC ealier with about 2 week old definitons because I was unable to get updates to problem pc and they did find lots of problems and corrected them.

    I will run VCLEANER then follow 8 step program again with updated def files.
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    Now it all becomes much cleaer, you should have mentioned that before. Throw out AVG and use the 8-step method to scan the PC. There are many stubborn users out there who want to use their own software thnking it''s the same , but trust me, use the programs in the 8-step I sent on my last link. Furthermore, if it's been running that long without security software,:dead: I would reinstall the o/s with a full format.
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    First, there are so many individual "stinger" type virus removal tools available, it's really hard to keep track of them. Macafee has them, and M$ has a malicious software removal tool also, updated monthly.

    Avg Free always gets somewhat of a bad rap here. It's really not that bad a product. But, everything is going to have a hard time after a year of no security software.

    On a more philosophical level, I'm quite frankly baffled, why you choose to punish yourself for the stupidity of another. So, if one of my "friends" came up to me with this issue. I'd immediately come to his aid, by jamming the Windows disc in the machine, and giving him a fresh start.

    So, then before this occurred, if, and more likely when, the litany of excuses began for not wanting to reformat, "I don't have a Windows disc", "I never back up any files", and my personal favorite, "then I'll have to reinstall all the cracked infected programs again", I would ask myself, "who's problem is this really"? At the end of the day, not yours!

    So, you can d*** around for hours and hours, trying to rebuild the OS files, or simply it's say, "time to reinstall", and be done with it.
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    Gee, thanks for the backup Captain :)

    As for this comment, I've come across too many stubborn people who don't do the 8-steps properly, and when they finally give in, and ditch the AVG or Norton, they realize that the 8-steps is the way it is for a reason.
    But yeah, after a year of not having protection, you obviously don't care about what's on your system so don't waste any time and 'wipe it clean'.:approve:
  7. cball75

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    OK 8 steps complete. Logs attached. I understand you guys' feelings, I learned the hard way lost alot of stuff. My friends not to tech savy and need to keep their data including kids photos, so I offered to help try to get it were we coudl back up the importtant stuff before blowing it all away.

    THanks for your time
  8. cball75

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    8 steps complete with AVAST this time

    i-worm/bagel.q infection originally and some trojans found. AVAST ran this time instead of AVG, updated CC, MB, and SAS and re-ran. NEwl ogs attached. Am I clean now?

    Thanks Again for looking
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