What do you use: Linux / Mac / Win?

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Sep 20, 2008
  1. superty12

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  2. WinXPert

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    I use Linux at home Windows XP at work. I even have a PC without an OS I just boot from a Live CD. Anyway what wrong with XP my settings are bulletproofed and it works solidly for more than 3 years.

    Compiz Fusion / Beryl

    Wine works superbly on my Puppy wNOP. Does not work on my GOS and Knoppix and can't even install on Mandriva One.

    Just look around this site http://distrowatch.com/.
  3. absolutait

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    It's just a matter of thinking.......

    Well, for me Linux utilization in large scale its just a matter of time. Think again: As more people get intelligent, more they're will be looking for a system that provides eliable, secure, fast and stable environment for their needs. And we all know that all distro's actually fits it all, and also gets connected mobile devices and printers with no problem. But to get the system working properly, the user has a little trouble making all the patches and packets that the system need installed with no headache, I would be lying if I tell its easy. But the user needs to have at least a curiosity to try read all the documentation. And that's when the users gets more intelligent. Reading and get your system and Sheets organized, if you follow the exactly what they say, you'll get less in trouble, and plus you will be more organized at your systems. Also, trying to implement additional tools will not be a headache anymore, you'll get your system better and better. And that's why I said before, the use of linux in large scale it's just a matter of time. When people get more intelligent, they'll be looking for a good system. That explains everything.

    For me, if you use a linux as your primary host, that's ok. If you're not using, I think that the Windows System still a good option, and accepting the fact of Windows still being a most used OS in world, if it works for you, so that's ok too.

    Well, if anyone wants to know about a system for beginners, I would say that's its coming a new version of Ubuntu (9.10) in 29/10/2009 probably. For now, they're leaving a Beta Version for tests at the download area. Wait till it arrive and give it a shot. I think we'll see a good stuff this time, and the new users will be surprised.
  4. AntiMoronic

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    windows, but only because it's convenient.
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