What does OneNote do?

By Danipuppy
Feb 6, 2012
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  1. Well, I currently do not have a wireless printer, so I can print stuff off Micorsoft Word (like my Homework), and I was wondering if Microsoft OneNote does what I think it does. So, my question is: Does Microsoft Windows OneNote send things, like a document saved on Microsoft Word, to another computer?
  2. jobeard

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    see http://www.onenotereview.com/ or google for review OneNote

    Those who are tempted to use OneNote as an inexpensive alternative to Word or Outlook, don't be fooled: OneNote is intended to be used in conjunction with either -- or preferably both -- Outlook and Word, and you will not reap the full rewards if you try to use OneNote as a stand-alone application.

    Further, don't listen to anyone who tells you OneNote is only for tablet pc's -- this is either a ploy to get you to buy a tablet or a side effect of Microsoft's niche marketing of the product; in actuality, it performs well on any Windows machine. If you remain unconvinced, try a free, limited-use OneNote download and prepare to be wowed!
  3. mercury01

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    I generally liked OneNote, but it wasn’t perfect for my needs and I still wanted to know how it stacked up against the competition. So I set out to compare it to its competitors. I looked at dozens of different programs. [​IMG]

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