What heatsink should I get?

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Mar 7, 2002
  1. What heatsink should I get???

    I've been thinking for a while about putting a new heatsink on my 1.4 T-bird. Right now I have the stock AMD heatsink on it, and the temperatures are fine, but I want to do some serious overclocking with it.

    I've read that the Swiftech MC462 (I believe) is a prime candidate, and I like that fact that it is mounted to the motherboard and not clipped like my current one is. I'm not too concerned about noise, for I have a box fan blowing directly on my motherboard!!! I would perfer a heatsink with fan speeds in the area of 5000-7000 rpm's or higher if possible.

    Also, I've been thinking about trying to cool my onboard raid controller chip. I believe its giving me problems when I try to overclock because of heat issues.

    One last thing, I've never taken a heatsink off an Athlon before, and I hear it is a real pain. Can anyone recommend a safe and effective way of removing it with minimal chance of damaging the processor? Thanks for any help! :)
  2. lokem

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    Re: What heatsink should I get???

    I got myself the GlobalWin WBK38 with the 7000RPM Delta black fan. If you don't mind the noise, that fan will do its work just fine. But I replaced the fan with an 80MM fan running at ~3000RPM. The temp rose by ~3 degrees celcius. And I can hear myself think again! :) The WBK38 is rather old. Check this site out:


    There's a list of heatsinks reviewed. Hope you can find a good one there :D

    Sorry dude, can't help you there. Perhaps you can use a normal chipset cooler to do the job?

    It's really not that difficult. I did my first installation 1 month ago and it still made me break sweat even though I've meddled around Intel CPUs b4 ;) Make sure you don't drag the heatsink around on the core once you've clipped the heatsink properly. And make sure the CPU is properly slotted onto the mobo socket. I stumbled upon the following article:


    Hope it helps, but I haven't seen it yet though. Good luck!
  3. Butterball

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    Personaly i used the OCZ Gladiator and it was ok it is rated for a 1.5 though so it would cap your overclocking real quick but it was a great cooler if you can stand the 7500 RPM delta fan it was adable on the other side of the house but other than that, i will by the way sell it to you if you want it (i went to water cooling the noise was driving me insane)
  4. svtcobra

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    I originally thought that the Delta fan wouldnt bother me but i was wrong. I like the Swiftech Design alot but that Delta fan is a real whinner..
  5. fuka

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    If you don't care about the noise I'd go with the Alpha PAL8045 from all the reviews i've read it cools the best, if not the best its up there with the swifttech

    just my opinion :)

  6. Didou

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    Re: What heatsink should I get???

    Might want to reverse that fan. It's better for the fan to evacuate all the heat that's building up around the CPU socket.

    The PAL8045 works really well, as does the Swiftech MCX 462. They're both fixed to the motherboard ( Make sure you have those 4 holes around the CPU socket. I think the KG7 has them, but I'm not sure )
  7. uncleel

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    Search Feature is Your Frien

    AMD Approved HSF's
    AMD Thermal Solutions


    Other related reads:
    Search Feature is Your Friend
    Shims on Athlon XP

    Ever chip an Athlon core?

    CPU + Artic Silver = Mistake!!!
  8. Phantasm66

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    One that won't fall off! Your T-Bird CPU will reach temps of over 300 C if its uncooled.

    I searched and search for the Toms Hardware Guide video which shows a T-Bird practically bursting into flames when the HSF is removed.

    The heavier of the variety have also been known to fall off and smash into the video card as well.

    Here is a good roundup of 46 CPU coolers:

  9. boeingfixer

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    AMD Cooler

    Hey SuperCheetah

    I currently have the 1600+ (1.4). I used three coolers, a pentalpha with a copper bottom, a coolermaster and my current one is a Thermaltake Volcano 5+. But before you just throw a cooler on think about other stuff too...When I went from the coolermaster to the volcano I also used Arctic Silver II and dropped my temp all around by 10 degrees. The heatsink is only part of the solution. Remember that for all the air you are putting into your case you need to get it out too. I added a high speed YS TECH fan 40.5 CFM as an exhaust fan sucking out alot of the heat. I have 6 80mm fans and the 60mm YS Tech fan as an exhaust. I have never been happier with my cooling. Also tie up your cables and such...get as clean an airflow thru your case as possible.


  10. Didou

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    Re: AMD Cooler

    I'm guessing the name Boeingfixer isn't work related... ;)
  11. SuperCheetah

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    Wow!!! That's alot of cooling! I think I've solved my cooling problem by simply taking a side off my case, and putting a box fan directly blowing on the entire mobo :)

    I've thought about trying the new Artic Silver (I believe its the III edition) and seeing how far my temps drop. Right now I just have the stock heatsink and stock thermal paste.
  12. boeingfixer

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    Yeah Didou,

    Boeingfixer is related to job. I am an aircraft maintenance tech by day and a computer builder by night....or is it the other way ??

    Yeah its alot of cooling, I have a Supermicro case and it affords me to put like 14 fans in....needless to say its quite whinnie too...

    Talk to you all soon.

  13. uncleel

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    Thermaltake Volcano 7.

    Hartsfield AIA? That's the hub for Delta, 1 busy airport.
    3DsCrazyAce works @ BradleyIA here in CT. But we don't know if he works on the tarmac or the parking lot.

    Reading some excellent press, specs, & test results of Thermaltake's Volcano 7.
  14. boeingfixer

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    to uncleel

    Hey uncleel,

    You hit it right on the head. Is there anyone else who comes to ATL ?? Have some friends that work in BDL. And yes atlanta can be quite the busy place.

    Take care

  15. Lou Natic

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    If you really want a good HS, bow to the (new) king:

    Thermalright AX-7

    With a 68CFM Delta it gets .28C/W. That's just .01c off standard watercooling. The best part is the price, extremely cheap compared to the Swiftech HSFs. I think HeatsinkFactory is having a sale on them now, going for around $29US.
  16. lokem

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    How loud is that 68CFM Delta??!?
  17. Mudshark

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  18. Arris

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    I'll throw my favorite site for HSF into the equation.
    They actually have recorded HSF noise in test conditions so that you can hear what its going to sound like before you buy it.

    Like others I bought a heatsink with a delta fan and it drove me mad. It actually made my feet cold cause of all the cold it was providing for the exhaust. I use the SK6 from Thermalright and couldn't be happier. I put a lower RPM Y-Tech fan on it inverted so that it was blowing air down at the heatsink and I only lost about 2 degrees celcius from running with this instead of the delta.
    :grinthumb for Thermalright

    If the SK6 is anything to go by I would look at the AX7

    PS: Lokem click here to listen to the SK6+Delta at Frostytech
  19. SuperCheetah

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    I'd like to get a fan that mounts directly to the mobo instead of clipping if possible. I guess I'll have to do some research before I simply run out and buy one.

    Man, I don't know how some of you guys put up with that kind of noise!!! The delta recording about drove me crazy.

    Thanks for the site Arris! :)
  20. Arris

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    I don't put up with that noise any more, I switched to a lower Y-tech fan because of it ;)

    By the way just on the mention of HSF that fits to the motherboard...
    I read over at HardOCP that AMD have released new details that future AMD boards will have those holes removed (or should that be not have them made in the first place ;) )
    Click here for AMD's PDF
  21. boeingfixer

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    Haven't seen this one here so I thought I would post it. Its dated a couple of weeks ago but still interesting. Its a new HSF from CoolerMaster.

    Check it out here.

    Coolermaster Heatpipe
  22. svtcobra

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    Im quoting myself from the Delta 59db thread...

  23. boeingfixer

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    Heatsink Reviews....46 of them

    Hey gang,

    Found this at Legion Hardware. They test 17 manufactures and 44 HSF combo's, there should be something there to please everyone. Enjoy.

    HSF Review
  24. svtcobra

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    Re: Heatsink Reviews....46 of them

    sweet..I used to like when they did this over at Toms Hardware.
  25. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    Thanks STV, I remember that too, wish more would do shoot-outs like that but I can't imagine the time and effort to test 46 of them.
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