What is a Microsoft Enterprise version?

By Poppa Bear
Dec 20, 2008
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  1. Can anyone explain exactly what a Microsoft Enterprise version is, or a link to an article describing this? For example, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise. Thanks.
  2. bobcat

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    My answers and comments.

    1 This is really a meeting section for free discussion, not for posting specific technical questions.

    2 Simple definitions are usually answered by google. E.g.
    Define:enterprise software
    Microsoft Office Enterprise version

    Such search gives for example:

    3 In general, enterprise software or version is defined as:
    Software that "solves" an enterprise problem

    Targets organizations - corporations, government agencies - but not consumers.
    Includes function-specific (Accounting, HR, Supply Chain, etc.) and industry-specific (Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, etc.) solutions.

    4 As regards Microsoft Office, it comes in basic or light form for individual users, containing basic functions s.a.: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook.

    Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Pro includes:
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher 2007, OneNote, Groove, InfoPath, Integrated Enterprise Content Management, Electronic Formulas, Communicator.

    5 My clarifications:
    An enterprise version will be bigger, heavier on resources, more expensive and have more functionality than a domestic user version. Its full utilization would also require more expertise.

    I would not advise a private user to install such software thinking that it’s better. It will be less user-friendly and heavier, without offering any advantages to him.
  3. Poppa Bear

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    Thanks for the input Bobcat. Noted that this is not the correct forum for my question. Cheers :)

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