What is Dual DDR?

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Dec 9, 2002
  1. Does Dual DDR mean its a new type of DDR or just a term for 2 sticks?
    Im building me a new system and have heard I should go with Corsair Dual DDR 333 CL2 DIMMS.
    I found some Corsair DDR 333 2.5 Ram on new egg but didn't see the Dual ram I have heard I should go with for my mobo (A7N8X).

    Is DDR 333 Dual they just dont mention it every time? Or does that mean going with 2x256 sticks instead of 1x512 stick for maxium usage?
    Anyway, tomshardware says going from 2.5 to 2.0 is like going from a 2200 to 2100 CPU.

    Any info is appreciated.
  2. Vehementi

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    Dual Channel DDR means that if you have 2 identical sticks of DDR, then each is accesseced on a different bus, rather than the memory bus being accessed for both sticks. Kind of like a RAID array for RAM. One stick of memory will work in a Dual Channel board, but there won't be the added performance with 2 sticks on the different buses.

    You don't really need Corsair memory, as it's just the best RAM available...any DDR memory will work with Dual Channel. Just don't get generic DDR, whatever you do...

    On the A7N8x, which should have 3 memory slots, you just need to populate the first two slots in order to take advantage of Dual DDR.

    Something ironic. We're doubling something that's already been doubled...

    i.e. Double Channel Double Data Rate...
  3. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    Why not? I have used Generic DDR successfully for a while now. Most Generic Memory is just OEMed chips from major brands (like Micron or Samsung) anyway. Admittedly Dual Channel does require fairly well matched pairs, but if you buy two sticks of Generic at the Same time you are likely to get matched sticks. As long as the Speed and Cas Latency is the same I do not see any problem.

    Just my opinion.
  4. Rick

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    Generic memory works.. I'll give it that. Performance wise, generic memory is just about as good as quality memory as well.

    Generic memory has a bad problem with selective compatibility sometimes though, and can create stability problems while overclocking or "enhancing" memory settings.

    Just some things to keep in mind.
  5. i_need_answers

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    should I upgrade

    I know you guys are probaly going to think that this is a insane question but I have a computer that I bought for cheap and it has 256mb of 2100 ddr and its really slow especially compared to 2.0-2.5gb? I was wondering how much improvement would there be if I added a 512mb 2100. also iv'e heard about overclocking but im not sure how to do it. I know enough about computers to do all the basics but im still learning. is overclocking worth the risk?

    thx for all your time.
  6. TacticalFlow

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    Ok i got some ram questions too.. I also got generic 3200 1 gig ram ddr. 1 stick..
    I mostly use my computer for gaming and wondering if its worth getting another stick of 3200 ram. I heard it isnt worth it for games because it uses mostly video ram? is that true?

    And can anyone explain how to overclock ram or what are timings? please.

    About that dual channel ddr.. Do you have to buy new ram that is made only for dual channel? or can i just use and ddr to config to dual channel?

  7. howard_hopkinso

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    I agree that adding some more ram would improve things but as for ocing unless you really know what you are doing may I suggest that you do not attempt it.

    Regards Howard
  8. Skarn

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    As mentioned earlier in the thread you don't have to buy special ram that is made for dual channel. You just need to get 2 chips that are the same size and type. Then they must be placed in the proper memory slots on your motherboard to operate in dual channel mode. As far as getting more ram for gaming, it is always better to have more ram! :D Here is a link to another thread about this subject: What is Dual RAM?
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