What is the best spyware free download?

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Sep 10, 2007
  1. I use avg antivirus free. What is the best free spyware downlosd? Thank you
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    Avg antispyware without a doubt!
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    The most tried and tested spyware is W32/SmitFraud.A

    It`s comes free with P2P downloads and many other other free programs.
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    Please be advised: Spywarebot IS NOT Spyware Search and Destroy!

    It is a rogue spyware program that some users choose mistakenly by only putting one word 'Spybot' in a search.

    The correct site to download Spyware Search & Destroy is:

    This is a serious mistake and I urge all NOT to download 'Spybot' from the referenced site by Jase.
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    How I protect my systems for years using different apps..

    I've been using AVG Anti-Spyware Pro, but looking at the comparsion it really doesn't offer much over the free one except for realtime protection. I only run that on one PC with RP. Does a great job... I also run Spyware blaster for IE 7 exceptions/blocks/adware also in IE 7 I setup Phish and cookie manager to the prompt me for cookies so I can check to see what's ad cookie tracker .

    But these are not enough you need a firewall with it's own spyware feature, I use Armor2Net that can tell you what's coming in and out and Anti-Virus program for Mailware protection NOD32 that can catch what the rest fail to catch. Ad-Munch 4.7 also blocks popups, rogue stuff, spyware, ads 117,000 for me so far this month also increase bandwidth. Run Peerguardian 2 adware/spyware bad IP blocker and that seem to catch rogue stuff. I've tried Spyware Terminator but that doesn't get what AVG Anti-Spyware finds.

    I find it funny how many software actually fails to block popups as I have 3 programs running and they don't take much systems resource or ram very light. The firewall is usally the one last line of defense to block rogue popups.. IE 7 PBS, Ad-Muncher PBS, Armor2Net PBS. Same goes for Spyware stuff. I've tried them all and alot hog systems resources.

    Spyware Blaster is very good but it doesn't clean spyware it just protect you from it...
    It's add-on Spyware Guard sees to crash more than it can protect.
    Spyware Terminator seems to just be a bother to use and doesn't get everything.
    Ad-Muncher has been around for years and it can scramble your IP if you want to do that by bouching off your IP onto different Proxies all over the world. Don't know why the author put that in but that does work..
    Peerguardian2 is more for Bad IP Blocking too catches a lot of stuff these SPYW doesn't catches.

    I check the systems I have here running all this stuff daily and weekly and one or two cookies mostly for tracking appears. But mostly I don't have problems as a lot of times nothing shows up infected. I did do a test where I had gone to those places you you never go too, and only my firewall Armor2net was able to detect something trying to call out and run on my system called XRUN and XPRE. Which I blocked from calling out with Armor2net. Those two came in under IE 6 temp cache. I got those to nasty stuff removed by using CCleaner to set to all remove then upgraded to IE 7 that problem never came back.

    3 - Popup Stoppers
    4 - Spyware Defense
    1 - Stealth Anti-Virus

    Just to get on to the internet... What a shame in the early 90's didn't have to worry about all this stuff..
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    Spyware Sheriff is widely available as well, not to mention harder to get rid of.

    Your reply was devastatingly, nay howlingly funny, and probably well earned/ deserved. But, a teensy little bit irresponsible. Besides, 1. I'm jealous that I didn't think of it first, and 2, If I'd given it, I would have been called every ****************in the book, from now 'til next Tuesday.
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